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Makeover your Console Decor

Constantly on the search for home decor to place on your console table? Be sure to check out the wide variety of home decor we have that will match any console table you have

Modern Chairs For Your Place

Looking for modern chairs that look luxurious yet comfy? These chairs are surely for you. With a Gold Stainless Steel Rod Frame and great back support, these chairs are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also able to give you ample functionality that comes with a chair as well

Galatea White & Gold Table Series Are Back

Launching the all new Galatea White & Gold Table Collection with a variety of tables suited for all the needs of your home. With the usage of cultured marble, the tables are easy to clean yet still highlights the natural marble stone


Putting together a stylish living room can be really effortless. All you'll ever need are 6 essential pieces to achieve that. And if you want to, layer on more pieces to complete a living room masterpiece without breaking a sweat! 

Read on to see our list of essentials for a stylish living room.

The Ultimate Essential
If there is a piece that one can not go without in the living room, it will have to be the sofa, whether it is a leather sofa or fabric sofa, a trendy velvet sofa or a chesterfield sofa in Singapore. Surely that's the whole idea of the living room furniture in the first place. Don't you agree?  

Pick the best sofa for yourself with our guide here.

Perfect Sidekicks
Apart from literally being by the sides of the sofa, mirrored side tables or end tables are ideal sidekicks for storage or for your cup of drink while you are on the couch. Handy!

Select the perfect sidekick for your sofa here.

Feet Hugs with Rugs 
Either to cozy it up or to anchor your selection of furniture visually, a luxury rug or a modern carpet is piece that provides feet hugs, and is a foolproof crowd pleaser.

See our styling tips for a statement rug here and the stylish collection of rugs.

Cushions, Cushions, Cushions
The best thing ever for comfort, style and coziness while being on the sofa? Nothing beats a lovely mix of designer throw cushions or luxurious sofa pillows if you ask us!

Give your sofa a quick refresh with a new set of decor cushions combination with our home decor styling tips here.

Amp it up with Lamps
We can not emphasize enough on how important it is to have a standing lamp or table lamp in your spaces. Apart from being just a light and ambience provider in the evenings, buy lamps in furniture shops or online decor stores that help add visual texture and dress up the living room. 

Kickstart your ambient search with our collection of stylish lamps here.

Wall Art 
Styling a room is not just about the lateral space. Your walls will need some tender loving care too. Create a visual focal point in the living room with a piece of art, painting, wall mirror. wall art sculpture or even an eclectic feature wall with a mixture of frame artworks and mirror!

Take your pick and buy mirror online over here for a curated collection of wall stunners.

For more lovely decorative pieces and trinkets to spruce your living room, head on over to designers' favorite home and decor store in Singapore to see our NEW lifestyle and decor collection!

3 Looks with the Earl of Chesterfield Sofa

Refreshing the look of your living room can be really quick and simple! See how you can do so with throw cushions, ambient lamps and a stylish chesterfield sofa.

One sofa, 3 different looks in a jiff.  

Look 1: Classic Black & White

Lamps: Troyes Textured Gold LampHonore Crystal Lamp

Cushions: Candice Olson Gray Linen Velvet Cushion, Embossed White Cushion (2 pieces used for styling), Fur Fur Gray Cushion, Black & White Leather Cushion, Black Leather Cushion &Fur Fur Ivory Cushion.

Look 2: Pop of Jewel Tones

Lamps:  Avizz Prism Lamp & La Verne Quatrefoil Table Lamp

Cushions: Cobalt Gray Medieval Cushion, White Silver Modern Cushion (2 pieces used for styling), Teal Velvet Cushion(2 pieces used for styling),  Fur Fur Ivory Cushion & Deep Purple Velvet Cushion.

Look 3: Elegance with Gold

Lamps: Pantheon White Marble Lamp & Le Chic Lamp

Cushions: Jacquard Velvet Stripes Cushion, Champagne Rose Cushion, Candice Olson White Star Dust Cushion, Petals Wool Cushion in Ivory, Candice Olson City Stripes  Cushion, Candice Olson Beige Olive Cushion & Brown Gold Fur Cushion


See this Velvet Chesterfield Sofa and other trending unique furniture.

See featured mirrored side tables here!

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