Marble Side Tables

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Aleta Marble Round Table top, Brushed gold tripod legs.

Aleta Marble Side Table

Side Table

$ 449 SGD $ 449 SGD
Cristian End Table sits in living room glamorously next to sofa as a little cocktail corner. It is the perfect modern vintage end table.

Cristian Marble Side Table

Side Table

$ 659 SGD
Voted as the designer’s choice, this One Draycott C-Shaped Marble End Table is the perfect solution for small condominiums or smaller rooms. With multi-purpose usage, this table slides under under the Chesterfield sofa for easy table accessibility.

Draycott Marble C-Shaped End Table

Side Table

$ 469 SGD
This pink Amber Park Gold Marble End Table will charm all your home guest including all interiors designers as the most beautiful and sweet Modern Art Deco End Table.

Amber Park Marble End Table

Side Table

$ 599 SGD

Best Marble Side Tables For Your Living Space

Give a luxurious appearance to your interior with marble side tables. If you love to create a minimalistic look at your living space, our marble side table Singapore collection will complement it well. At Finn Avenue, this product category is available in different shapes and designs. A round marble table is the most preferred choice among various types due to its elegant look. Moreover, these are available at the best prices, so you will definitely get them under your budget. 


Get an Elegant and Timeless Look with Marble Side Tables

If you are fond of timeless looks, a round marble coffee table Singapore will be the ultimate choice. The marble surface gives an evergreen and classy look to every interior setting. It also works as a decorative element. Finn Avenue has a high-quality marble side table collection in different color variations. Moreover, it is a universal choice for every home type. 

Being a timeless stone, the marble surfaces adapt perfectly to classic and modern interiors. At our store, you will find marble side tables in different colors, patterns, and designs. We have items in different variations. Hence, shopping from our store, you will not only get a beautiful table but also one that fits your preferences.


Highly Durable Choice of All Time 

If you are looking for highly durable furniture pieces for your home, marble side table Singapore are the right ones to invest in. With its enhanced durability, it can serve you for several years if you look after it. At Finn Avenue, you will get side tables available for both home use or office and reception usage. Do note of course that marble is not suitable for outdoor space.

Marble furniture pieces will be a long-term purchase, not just because of their durability, but due to their timeless design. One of the best features of the marble tables is that it always stays in style. Its natural look will never go out of fashion trend. It can be turned into different shapes, designs, sizes, and prints. Every type holds a special touch and complements every interior setting and home style. We assure you that, over time, its timeless design will never fade away and will remain the same with proper care. 

Make the An Affordable Purchase at Finn Avenue

A marble side table is both an aesthetic and a luxury investment for your home and office spaces. While purchasing from our store, you can go through a variety of collections. Our showroom staff will help you select your marblet side table depending on your home décor and design ideas. So, Finn Avenue will be your one-stop destination to buy beautiful marble side tables. Check the available exclusive deals and special discounts on this category to get them at a reasonable price. 

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