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Bold statement piece, Thierry II, 2 drawers end table.

Thierry 2 Drawer Bedside Table

Bedside Table

Mirrored hand crafted side table.

Etienne 2 Drawer Bedside Table

Bedside Table

Side view of Mireille Mirrored 3-drawer Nightstand.

Mireille 3-Drawer Bedside Table, 2 Sizes

Bedside Table

From $429.00
Venetian, Geometric symmetry hand-cut mirrored cabinets evokes a mid century modern art deco design, or simply plays up an old Hollywood vintage glamour.

Venetian 3 Drawer Side Table

Bedside Table

Hermes Mirrored Night stand with vintage details on handles.

Hermes 3 Drawer Bedside Table

Bedside Table

Paris Mirrored Nightstand 1-drawer with Crossed Legs in Gold Steel.

Paris 1 Drawer Side Table

Bedside Table


Buy Designer Nightstands and Luxury Bedside Tables online

The quality of your mattress will no doubt play a big part in determining the quality of your sleep. That said, what makes your bedroom standout as a conducive enclave of rest is your choice of bedside tables or nightstands. Scouting for a beautiful nightstand in Singapore is by no means simple. That’s why at Finn Avenue, we carefully select a wide range of nightstands and bedside tables so that you will be spoilt for choice when decorating your personal sanctuary.

Complete your bedroom with the addition of nightstands to your décor. They are essential when it comes to creating a well-decorated bedroom with function. Bedside tables can hold a lamp or your glass of water – they also have shelves and drawers to help you stay organized, allowing you to keep your belongings close and within reach from your bed. If you wish to add a sense of originality and contrast to your bedroom décor, you can pick two different nightstands for either side of the bed. Otherwise, you can opt for the same matching pair for a coherent theme in your bedroom layout. Choosing a beautifully designed bedside table or nightstand will provide a sense of true value – you will find more pleasure in your interior layout and enjoy spending more time in the private area of your house. Bedside tables and nightstands might look like another piece of furniture. However, when utilized appropriately, they are able to accentuate a space to its maximum potential.

Explore mirrored nightstands such as Etienne Mirrored Side Table/ Nightstand, 2-Drawer, or a modern luxe alternative Thierry II 2-Drawer End Table, Black & Gold that is made in stainless steel and black mirror. For something more mid-century modern, we have a European vintage furniture piece, the Vedette Victorian Mirrored End Table/ Nightstand. Which of these beautiful pieces inspired by brilliant designers will you pick? It is important to consider your habits and how you will use the bedside tables. For example, if you are going to leave your wallet, pieces of jewelry, or watches by your bedside, then perhaps a nightstand with drawers or two layers may be a good choice. It could also provide storage for a few books that you are currently reading before bedtime. Remember to leave sufficient space for a beautiful table lamp which will liven up your bedroom. Any end table can be used as a nightstand as long as it goes well with the design of your bedroom.

Serving function and style, make a clear impression on the bedroom décor with a stunning bedside table that matches and complements the other elements in the room. Shop our wide range of stylish bedside tables and nightstands in Singapore, available in a variety of colors and designs to match your style and personal taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a nightstand and a bedside table?

A bedside table is a small table placed next to a bed, while a nightstand is a type of bedside table that usually has a drawer. Both terms can be used interchangeably, but their functions differ slightly. A nightstand has the added benefit of providing storage in addition to its surface for placing frequently used items. A bedside table, on the other hand, simply provides a convenient surface for placing these items.

 How far should my bedside table be from my bed?

Your bedside table should ideally be within reach of your bed. As a rule of thumb, the nightstand should be at least one to two inches from the side of your bed. However, depending on your preference, you can choose to place it further from your bed. The most important thing is that you should still be able to reach it from the comfort of your bed.

How tall should my bedside table be?

There is no specific rule on the relative height of the bedside table to your mattress. Interior designers tend to have differing views and the decision largely rests on style and personal preferences, and how your bedside habits and how you intend to use it.

Do bedside tables or nightstands have to match my bedroom?

Currently, it is popular to have mismatched furniture in the bedroom. You can choose to match your nightstands or bedside tables to your other bedroom decor, or mix and match different styles to create an eclectic look. Matching furniture can create a cohesive feel, while mismatched pieces can add a fun and casual touch. If you decide to go with mismatched nightstands or bedside tables, we recommend choosing pieces with similar colors or materials to complement your existing bedroom design.

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