International Shipping


FAQ - This forms part of the terms and conditions of International Shipping i.e. delivery to an address outside of Singapore.



  1. Do you provide international shipping?


Yes, we regularly ship our products to countries outside of Singapore.  “Shipping” may take the form of air freight, sea freight, or land transportation, depending on your country.  No country is too far to ship cost effectively if you find something you love.  Our online store allows you to cart any product and have it shipped to any country.

If you encounter a message such as “We do not ship to your country” or “Your cart contains items that cannot be shipped overseas” etc, do not worry!  Our E-commerce system comprises a combination of many third party software and plug-ins and as such they do sometimes experience system conflicts.  This may occur particularly if you have items in the cart that are very large in dimensions e.g. sofas,  cabinets, or certain armchairs.   

Do not worry, simply email us at, and let us know the items you would like to have, and we can provide you with a link to purchase them including the shipping costs.  Please note that we are not able to open any files attached to your email. 



  1. Can I find out the cost of shipping at Checkout?


Yes, simply enter your full address at Checkout and you will be able to see the costs of shipping your purchase to your country.  In most instances you will be provided with a few options. 

We will advise you to pick the lowest cost option, because the courier service via which your purchase will be shipped will be determined by our logistics service provider, and it may not necessarily be the courier service you have picked.  Given the nature of international shipping of bulky furniture items, whether it is air freight or sea freight, timing is less predictable than a simple envelope or small parcel, and may sometimes require extra time for customs clearance, the differences between different options you see at Checkout become marginal. 



  1. How do I complete my purchase and make payment?


Once you have found out the cost of shipping, you will be in a position to decide whether to go ahead with the purchase.  If you are happy to proceed, email us at with the following details:

  • items you want to purchase
  • your name
  • your complete shipping address;
  • your mobile number,

and we will create a draft order for confirmation with you via email.  Once you have confirmed the draft order, we will send you a payment link – this can EITHER be via an online bank transfer i.e. telegraphic transfer, OR a secure, encrypted payment link provided by OCBC Bank, one of the largest local banks in Singapore.  Either way, once we have received the payment, you will automatically receive an online email confirmation from our online store. 

NOTE: You may be rightly puzzled why we ask you to write to us when it appears perfectly possible to place an order online without contacting us.  Let us explain why: Although you are able to checkout and make payment without contacting us, often such orders will be routed back to us from our warehouse & logistics operations as they are often unable to process orders with non-Singapore addresses paid by credit cards issued by foreign banks, unless the orders are created manually and verified.  So if you have placed an international order without contacting us, it may result in having the order subsequently having to be cancelled and refunded, which may result in exchange losses on your part.  Thus the method suggested above is the best, secured, and most effective way to place an international order with us.



  1. What if goods are lost or damaged during shipping?


Any cross border delivery involves risk of loss or accidental damage; the same is true for international shipping.

Neither we nor our freight forwarder will be able to offer any compensation for such loss or accidental damage.  We will not be responsible for any accidental damage including dents, cracks, scratches or other defects. 

We will typically include an insurance option when we ship.  This will provide a minimum coverage for the goods.  The policy is arranged through the freight forwarder.  Your claim will be directly against the freight forwarder or the insurance company, and we will not be liable to you in any way for any claim of loss or accidental damage.

In most cases, because we work with experienced freight forwarders, it is not common for such incidence to occur.  However, unfortunate circumstances are unavoidable – if you are particularly concerned, we advise you to take up appropriate insurance with an insurance company in your country with whom you are familiar or have regular dealings.


  1. When will my shipment arrive, and do you compensate for late arrival?


In most cases, it is more cost effective to ship via air freight.  In such cases, your shipment may take anywhere from 10 days to three weeks to arrive, barring any unforeseen delays at customs.  This is the typical work cycle – from receipt of your order and payment, to goods being prepared for international shipping, customs clearance in Singapore, shipping time, customs clearance in your country, and finally delivery to you.  As such you will notice that we do not undertake any delivery date of arrival for international shipping.

International shipping comes with it some form of uncertainty in terms of timing.  We strive to streamline our processes and work only with experienced service providers.  However, timing of shipping is not guaranteed and we are unable to provide any compensation for any delay.



  1. Am I liable for any tax or duty?


You will have to pay any taxes, whether GST, VAT or other such taxes, in your destination country.  Where any such sum is payable, you will need to pay it either prior to or upon delivery of the goods directly to the designated customs or tax authority or through the freight forwarder delivering them.

You should note that in some countries in addition to GST, VAT or such other tax, other import duty, charge or levy may apply.  They can be described in many different ways.  It is important that you understand we do not cover any taxes, duties, charges, levies etc imposed by government authorities in your country.

However, you are not liable for any taxes, duties or levies in Singapore.


  1. Are there hidden costs of international shipping?


Our international shipping charges provide door to door delivery. 

In line with practices adopted by international shipping service providers we work with, the delivery team will only be able to deliver your purchase to your doorstep.  They will not be able to deliver any goods not accessible by lift.  They will not be able to un-pack the goods, or place them in a designated spot in your house, or dispose of any furniture item for you.

There are no hidden costs you need to worry about.  However, you should be aware of your responsibility over taxes, duties, charges or levies imposed by government authorities in the country of your residence.  This is explained in the answers to the preceding question. 


  1. What is the exchange rate being applied to my purchase?


We charge only in Singapore dollars.

Our online store allows you to see prices and charges in other currencies if you so select.  However, the applicable exchange rate is controlled by the third party app.

Ultimately what you pay will be determined by the exchange rates adopted at the time by the financial institutions through whom you make the online transfer or with whom you have the credit cards.

We do not charge any foreign exchange margin or attempt to profit from exchange rate movements.


  1. Can I arrange for my own international shipping?


Yes, if you wish to arrange for your own international shipping, we can deliver the goods to your freight forwarder in Singapore.  Kindly email us if this is what you have in mind.  In this instance, however, you will have to pay Goods & Services Tax in Singapore.


  1. Does international shipping include assembly when the goods arrive?


Certain products will come in a single piece, whilst other may require simple assembly.  This is because design of certain pieces is such that they can only be shipped overseas on a knocked down basis in order to protect its components against damage.

However, the assembly is not complex in each case and can be effectively handled by a good handyman in your country of residence; or in most cases, our customers will gladly assemble it themselves.  We will be happy to guide you if you require assistance.


  1. Can goods be returned, exchanged or can order be cancelled?


Once order is placed, no cancellation is allowed. 

In addition, no return or exchange is possible for any international shipping order.