Delivery & Collection Guide

Delivery and Collection Guide 


For the Collect-in-Store option, depending on the stock availability at the showroom, you could do an 'instant pick-up' upon your purchase, or arrange an appointment to pick-up at a later date. For the latter, we would need to draw the stock from our warehouse and have it delivered specially to the showroom for your collection. It will take approximately one week, and sometimes up to thirteen days upon your order to collection. Please note that an appointment is required as we are not able to store your goods in the showroom due to space constraints. We shall place your choice furniture pieces right outside our showroom at the appointed date and time; your delivery crew can simply load them onto your vehicle.


If you change your mind right after your purchase to have us take care of your delivery instead, you may still top up delivery fee to have delivery arranged.  Simply email us and we will send you the appropriate payment link.


If you miss the appointment delivery date pick-up, or if you change your mind to have it delivered, after the item has been brought to the showroom, the furniture pieces will be transported back to the warehouse. A return-delivery fee to the warehouse will be charged, in addition to a re-delivery fee (whether to your home or to the showroom).



Doorstep Delivery

Doorstep delivery is generally free on Wednesdays or Thursdays (except where they are public holidays) for nett purchases before GST above S$1,000 for mainland Singapore addresses.  For delivery on any other date where available a $120 delivery fee is payable.  For delivery on Wednesdays or Thursdays for purchases below $1,000 before GST a delivery charge of $40 +GST is payable.


Remote or Special Location Delivery

There may be additional delivery charges for locations that are remote or difficult to access either physically or because of security measures, or where entries are subject to charges.  For example, delivery to Sentosa, Jurong Islands etc. may be subject to additional charges imposed by our third party logistics service provider.   Once we know your exact location after you have placed an order, we will use our best efforts to procure a third party logistics service provider who can do so cost effectively so that as far as possible no additional charges are payable.  If you have any questions about your location, kindly contact us in advance of placing your orders.  

Whilst we try to deliver to your location, our third party logistics service provider may sometimes not be able or willing to deliver to certain locations e.g. military camps, airports, ports, petrochemical complexes.  If you have any questions about your location, kindly contact us in advance of placing your orders. 


Multiple Deliveries for an Order 

If multiple deliveries are required for a single invoice, additional delivery charges will be payable. 


Delivery Date for Customized or Pre-Orders Items is Subject to Changes

If you have ordered items that require customization or sold under Pre-Orders tags, delivery timing stated is an estimate and is subject to changes in and potential delays with production schedule, availability of components, shipping schedules etc. By making such a purchase, you agree that the delivery date selected though confirmed is subject to changes as described above and we will only be able to inform you nearer the date if and only if such changes occur.


Products Fitting into Lifts, Passage Ways etc 

Kindly check the dimensions of the products you intend to purchase and determine if they are able to fit e.g. that they can fit into lifts, pass through doors, passage ways, or stairs, as appropriate.  Generally products come in one single piece e.g. a long sofa comes in one single piece and cannot be broken down in modules for the purpose of delivery, and legs of sofa may not be capable of being removed for the purpose of delivery.  Our staff will not be able to confirm with you on such matters, nor will our third party logistics service provider be able to undertake any dismantling or re-installation.  If the third party logistics service provider undertakes any work other than delivery or exceeds their contracted scope, we will not be able to assume any responsibility or payment obligation.  


Non-Lift Deliveries

Our third party logistics service provider generally only delivers if the delivery location is on the same level as the goods unloading area or if there is an elevator which is large enough for the goods.  If you require any goods to be carried up stairs or down stairs, there will be additional charges, and prior arrangements no less than one week in advance are required to be made with us in writing via email in order for us to arrange for the necessary manpower and time to assist you.

  • For landed homes, or multi-stories high-rise units, please note that while some items may be carried up or down stairs free of charge for the first three levels, for other heavy or bulky items $10 to $20 per item per level (dependent on size of cargo) is payable directly to the delivery team.
  • For High-rise condos, or HDB flats, you are required to advise us of the lift dimensions as well as stairway clearance for delivery of large sized cargoes such as sofas in order to ensure smooth delivery.

In incidence where the large-sized cargoes are unable to fit into the lift, the delivery team will assess the

  1. space clearance of the stairway to advise feasibility of carrying up/down via staircase to your home
  2. as well as manpower availability and time schedule permitted on the delivery date, in order to determine if delivery could be completed on the same delivery date.
Please note that $20 per item per level is payable directly to the delivery team. In cases where it could not be done on the same delivery date, the delivery team will bring back the item back to the warehouse. Delivery will be done on a subsequent date, and a re-delivery fee of $80 +GST is payable. Please email us immediately at


Free Installation

No installation fee is payable, unless otherwise stated, where installation is done at the same time of delivery. Please note that we do not provide handyman service to hang mirrors or to fit our furniture e.g. cabinets or shelves onto your premises or other fixtures or fittings.  


Special Request to have Item Unpacked/Uninstalled

For goods that you have requested to be left unpacked/unopened for your checking and inspection and/or unpacked/installed due to reasons such as your renovation is underway, you are required to sign an indemnity form to absolve us of the responsibility for the item. We are not able to be responsible for items that are no longer under our care. For reasons such as your renovation is underway and you ask for the goods not to be unpacked/installed on above date, installation fee of $65 +GST on a subsequent trip would apply. If installation services is required, kindly email us at to request for the subsequent trip.


Storage Fees 

We are able to store the goods up to six (6) months in our premises, subject to storage charges with GST. We will not be able to permit any extension beyond this duration. If you do not take delivery after the six (6) months storage, you are deemed to have accepted the goods in question in good condition, and the risks of the goods pass to you even though they are physically in our possession, and you will be charged a storage fee. As we are not in the business of operating a third party storage facility, our storage fee is likely to be significantly higher than what you would be able to obtain from professional storage facilities, and an administration fee will apply.


Old Furniture Disposal

Disposal service is not available and has to be specially arranged with our service provider at an extra fee. Please speak to our showroom representative in advance. 


After-Hours Deliveries

Our third party logistics service provider delivers generally between 10am to 5pm on weekdays.  If however you require delivery outside of their business hours we will be happy to make alternative arrangements for you.  We hope you understand that additional charges may be payable.  If you have such a requirement, kindly contact us in advance of placing your orders. 


Delivery Time Slots 

Our third party logistics service provider will contact you via Whatsapp or SMS 1 to 2 days prior to the delivery date to provide a 4-hour delivery time slot.  Please check your mobile messages during this period. As it is not possible to schedule a delivery on exact timing, our third party logistics service provider works on a time slot of 4 hours.  For example, delivery will be made on a specified date between 1pm to 5pm. 


Failure to Take Delivery etc

You are required to obtain any permit or sign any form required by any building management or security post prior to the delivery date. If no one is at home to receive the goods, or in the event our delivery team is refused entry by your building management or security, or if you refuse to take delivery (except where the goods are later determined by us to be defective), our third party logistics service provider will have to return the goods to our warehouse – you will have to bear the charges for the return journey to our warehouse and re-delivery charges of $120 +GST. Any free delivery service only applies to the first attempt and not applicable for subsequent delivery attempts. Any delivery fee paid for the failed delivery attempt will not be refunded as the costs have been incurred. Where you have dispute on a particular item in a multi-item delivery order, you are not permitted to reject the entire delivery due to any single item, even if such item is bought in a pair or in multiples - otherwise you will have to bear the charges for the return journey to our warehouse and any re-delivery charges.


Sufficient Passageway etc

Delivery requires sufficient space to avoid accidental damage.  We encourage you to allow for sufficient space for the goods to be placed safely where you would like them to be.  We encourage you to have gates, doors, walls, flooring, passage ways etc protected to avoid any risk of damage.  It should be noted that we are not responsible for any damage our third party logistics service provider may cause to your property or objects within your property.  We encourage you to be present to ensure your property is properly protected.


Changes in Delivery Date

Please remember your delivery date.  Kindly notify us of any changes you wish to make via email one week prior to the scheduled delivery date and ensure you receive our email acceptance on any such changes.  Any late notification or any notification that has not been specifically accepted by us via email acceptance will render re-delivery and administration charges to be payable by you once our distribution center has dispatched the goods to our third party logistics service provider.


Checking Goods upon Receipt

It is your responsibility to examine the goods. If you are not able to be present during delivery, it is important that you appoint a person who has ability to examine the goods for you, as if you are around. The packaging will be opened for you or the appointed person to examine the goods on the spot. If you choose not to open the packaging for examination, we will not be able to accept any return or exchange after the delivery is completed. You or the appointed person will be required to sign on the Delivery Order that the goods are received in good condition. You will be deemed to have accepted the goods in good condition in the event that you or your appointed person refuse or fail to sign on the delivery order.

You are not permitted to annotate any claim of defects on the Delivery Order or amend any terms of the Delivery Order. Should you have any issues with the goods, kindly notify the delivery team immediately and email us at within three (3) days. We will not be liable for any defect or shortage to the goods unless we are notified within the time period as specified. Please include the following in the email:

  • Indicate your Invoice Number
  • Explain the issue
  • Zoomed-in photo of the blemishes on the goods
  • Zoomed-out photo of the entire item with the blemishes



For the avoidance of doubt, our terms and conditions set out in this Guide apply whether third party logistics service providers or our in-house logistics teams are deployed in any particular instance, and any reference in this Guide to third part logistics service providers apply mutatis mutandis to our in-house logistics teams.