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Buy Luxury Table Lamps Online Singapore

Inspired by designer table lamps? 

There is something that is not widely known by the common pupulace about table lamps or floor lamps. It is that by the nearest table lamps or floor lamps it is often easy to trace the history of design of your homes.

Whilst it is more common for us to buy table lamps online in Singapore or in fact anywhere in the world, few pay attention to the fact that table lamps are essential centrepieces that serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. Be it a living room, or a bedroom, or a study corner, no space is complete without one or two table lamps that accentuate the attention to details that underlies any effort to create a cozy, or stylish, or simply nostalgic place.

Table lamps can come in different shapes, sizes and be made of different materials, and they often come with a lamp shade that ensures the light coming from it to be as gentle as it is beautiful. Some table lamps come with metal base, or a block of natural marble, or porcelain, or hand blown glass, with shades that are circular, rectangular, or even shaped in a dome.

Some shades are not only dome-shaped, they come in white glossy lacquer, as in the Tina Gold Metal White Table Lamp offered by Finn Avenue. It is an art deco table lamp that exudes an electrifying touch to to fit your modern home décor, with five movable arcs can be rotated to create the best composition of lighting. If you are more traditional and wish to have a polyester-cotton type of shade, but yet an enduring design, La Verne Quatrefoil Gold Metal Table Lamp which comes with a metal base of vintage gold finish, may perhaps be your choice when you buy table lamps online in Singapore. Of course, you can now take a look at any table lamp you love on our online store at our showroom.

If you love marbles, do not miss Marquis Black Marble Lamp. 'Royal mabre' the designers call it, meaning royal marble to create a grand luxurious entrance fit for royalty. Along with many other choices which are also in off-white or grey marble, it is made of natural marble and polished to its best, with antiqued gold accents bringing the luxurious feel of royalty to any space. Of course, if you are a marble lover, you will appreciate that veining color and pattern of marble may vary as it is a natural material; no two lamps are exactly alike, and that is why it is precious.

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