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4 Tips To Combine Old And New Furniture For A Balanced Look

Balance and proportion are two crucial elements in interior design. They apply to the colour, shape, style and texture of your home’s décor. Combining modern furniture pieces with antiques is a unique way to achieve these design goals as they add contrast and depth to your home. It produces a room scheme that appears as though it has evolved over the years, stimulating a sense of nostalgia.

How to Think & Style Your Home Like an Interior Designer

Useful tips on how to design and style your home using your personality like an interior designer. Read on for quick designing tips to think and act like an interior designer to style your living space.

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4 Tips to Get You Started on Decorating a Room from Scratch

Whether you’re moving into your new home or looking to redo the look of your room, decorating the space can be pretty exciting and fun – yet overwhelming!

Styling Your Home Has Never Been So Easy

Here are some home styling tips that are easy to follow! Click through to read more! Choose from our collection of sofas, accent chairs, coffee tables, rugs or home decor etc to style your living room.  Plus, join our Instagram Styling Contest to win $500 furniture vouchers.

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