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Revive Your Console Table With These Home Decor

A lot of places in your home absolutely need decorations. Like an empty console table - doesn't it make you want to fill up with something nice but you don't know what to put? By showing some love through a few main pointers, anyone can make their decor looking delicious and to die for. Let us show you how with this new collection of beautiful decor and accessories.


The Luxe Element 


Create a luxury atmosphere with these gorgeous hand-made textured Allegra-Silver Candlelight Holder, 2 Sizes candle holder which gives warmth to any living space. Each piece contains its own uniqueness on the surface or uneven texture which will jazz up your place with singularity.  

Anais Mother-of-Pearl Photo Frame, 3 sizes with exquisite details and the stunning beauty of the natural shell and classy silver border line. Shop online Stunning Photo Frames Here.

From "Cute" to "Luxe" -  Luxuriate your console table in gold and silver baby animal art decor sculptures. These small beautiful animal sculptures not only brings style but also smiles on your guests' faces. The surprise element is priceless. 





Pictured: Allegra-Gold Candlelight Holder, 2 SizesAllegra-Silver Candlelight Holder, 2 SizesCala white marble gold trayAnais Mother-of-Pearl Photo Frame, 3 sizes




Pictured: Baby Animal Art Sculpture Decor, DeerBaby Animal Art Sculpture Decor, GiraffeBaby Animal Art Sculpture Decor, HorseBaby Animal Art Sculpture Decor, Elephant



You can make your console table with more trendy unique items



Marble Gold Tray brings luxury and comfort with perfect natural touch to your interior. Natural marble stone slabs light up with your console table in absolute class and elegance. Available in two marble types, white natural marble stone tray has greyish white background with fine feathery grey veining soft appearance while black natural marble tray has arresting white veining which adds glamour to its bolder appearance. 

Ditch the normal bowls and give this Muse Black Gold Bowl a try. Best used as a serving bowl to present sweet treats to your guest. 



Pictured: Maestro Black Marble Gold Tray, Muse Black Gold Pedestal Bowl, Ambassador Tripod Telescope Decor, Jericho hammered tray,gold, Reed hammered tray,bronze


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