Buy Online Dressing Table in Singapore

Buy Online Dressing Table in Singapore

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Welcome to Finn Avenue! Have you always dreamt of having your own stylish space, equipped with everything you need to achieve flawless makeup effortlessly? Well, now you can with our exquisite vanity table sets! Our dressers offer generous table space and drawers to conveniently store all your makeup essentials. Take a moment to explore our collection and discover the perfect fit for your bedroom today!

Couture Mirrored Dressing Table, 1-Drawer Petite Vanity with Victoria Tri-fold vanity mirror.

Couture 1 Drawer Vanity Dressing Table

Dressing Table

$625.50 $1,390.00
Alchemy Mirror console table, vanity table, table and stool set in Singapore with a modern luxury look.

Alchemy Vanity Dressing Table & Stool Set

Dressing Table

$999.00 $1,090.00
Marcie, a perfect petite Princess Style Vanity Set that is created for full feminine loveliness and function.

Marcie Vanity Dressing Table Set

Dressing Table

Marcella mirrored vanity set, features 5 drawer storage space for your cosmetics and skincare products, store everything in one place for the ultimate beauty experience.

Marcella Vanity Dressing Table Set

Dressing Table

$1,512.00 $1,890.00
Mirrored Console Table from Etienne Collection.

Etienne 2 Drawer Console Table

Console Table

$890.00 $990.00


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Introducing an impeccable blend of functionality and elegance, Finn Avenue presents its exclusive collection of dressers and vanity tables set in Singapore. Crafted with precision and exquisite artistry, our dressers and vanity tables reflect the epitome of contemporary sophistication, making them an essential addition to any discerning homeowner's abode.

The dressers and vanity tables set serve as the perfect embodiment of luxurious functionality, featuring meticulously designed storage solutions coupled with elegant, sleek aesthetics. Each piece is thoughtfully constructed to elevate the visual appeal of your personal space, while offering ample storage for your prized possessions and everyday essentials. The smooth, polished surfaces and intricate detailing exude an aura of timeless charm and modern allure, ensuring that every piece is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship.

Our collection is meticulously curated to cater to various interior design preferences, offering a versatile range of styles, from classic and vintage to modern and contemporary. The seamless integration of premium materials and thoughtful design guarantees the durability and longevity of each piece, while exuding an unmatched sense of sophistication and style. Not to worry if you have compact space at home, we have curated suitably small dressers sg and small vanity table sets sg just for you.

Designed to be the focal point of your personal sanctuary, our dressers and vanity tables set provide the perfect blend of practicality and opulence, offering a luxurious space to pamper yourself and effortlessly organize your personal belongings. Indulge in the refined elegance and functional luxury of our dressers and vanity tables set, and redefine your living space with a touch of timeless sophistication and contemporary allure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is a dresser an important piece of furniture for my bedroom?

 Aside from your bed, the dresser is perhaps the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. Not only does it provide you with a safe storage unit to keep your room clean and organized, but it also adds a touch of allure to your bedroom. The right design can significantly enhance the look and mood of your bedroom décor.

What should I look out for when shopping for a dresser?

Let us share the features you should consider when shopping for a dresser for your bedroom:

  1. Solid construction – your dresser has to contain your necessities, so you have to ensure it is built to withstand a heavy load for an extended period of time. Therefore, you should look out for the hallmarks of careful construction before making your purchase.
  2. Proper sizing – before buying your dresser, you should measure the space to ensure you purchase a dresser that is the right fit for your bedroom.
  3. Versatile storage – you will likely store items of varying sizes in your dresser. As such, one-size-fit-all drawers may not be suitable to store all your personal belongings. You may want to consider looking for options that offer several drawer sizes so you can keep a variety of items in your dresser.
How do I care for my dresser? 

Dressers are low maintenance pieces of furniture. Avoid leaving any cosmetic spillage on the surface or cleaning your dressers with any chemical or liquid. They can simply be wiped down with a dry microfibre cloth. The paintwork can also be cleaned in a similar fashion if the surface becomes scuffed.

How do I know if I need a dresser and vanity table set?

Are you someone who has a morning prep routine? If so, you may find that a dresser and vanity table set can help you stay organized and streamline your routine. A vanity table set includes a table with a mirror and a stool or bench, and is often used for grooming, applying makeup, and doing hair. It can be a great addition to any bedroom or bathroom. If you're interested in creating a dedicated space for self-care, a dresser and vanity table set could be a useful addition to your home.