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4 Common Decorating Mistakes That Homeowners Should Avoid

Decorating a house is always one of the things that make your home a livable place. The pleasing look of a well-organized room is certainly something you won’t trade for anything.

4 Tips To Decorate Different Rooms For A More Cohesive Look

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners is thinking about each of their rooms entirely separately. It's vital when considering your next decorating project that you take the time to carefully plan your room, ensuring it is cohesive and fits in with the rest of the rooms in your house.

4 Tips to Get You Started on Decorating a Room from Scratch

Whether you’re moving into your new home or looking to redo the look of your room, decorating the space can be pretty exciting and fun – yet overwhelming!

Thanksgiving Giveaway

A token of appreciation for all the support we have received over the past year. Be sure to keep on reading, on how you can stand to win a Diva Princess Candle Set

Is velvet sofa right for you?

Finding the perfect sofa for your living room may prove to be a challenge at times. The material velvet sounds like a lot of work indeed,  Keep on reading this blog as we bust the myths about the material velvet and why this material could just be perfect for you
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