COVID-19 has affected the shipping industry in an unprecedented way 

Updated 28 April 2021 

We curate, manufacture, and bring to you beautiful furniture pieces and home accessories from all over the world.  Much as we would like to hope otherwise, we are not exempt from the larger, overall industry issues affecting the shipping industry.


Together with other factors beyond our control, the issues include:

- shortage of containers

- substantial reduction of shipping schedules

- resurgence of COVID-19 cases and stricter quarantine restrictions

- weather conditions and port congestion

- accidents on shipping routes including at Suez Canal


If you would like to read more about these issues, please click on the links: container shortage, black swan event, suspension of feeder service, and Suez Canal accident and obstruction.

We have made substantial attempts to minimise the impact all of these developments may have on our planned shipments.  However, we will not be able to predict and dictate the availability of containers and shipping slots.

In recent months, on the back of tightening shipping schedules and congestions in ports in different regions, the situation has been exacerbated by the accident that occured in March 2021 at the Suez Canal which resulted in obstruction of vessels for a considerable period of time.  This has knock-on repercussions which are still affecting the shipping schedules in Asia as of the date of this update, and we are not able to predict how a particular shipment may be affected.  Some shipments are severely affected, whilst other shipments experience only minor delays.  This is because once goods are loaded on to containers, they are tied to a particular vessel and voyage, and if that particular vessel or voyage is affected at any part of the voyage, whether at sea or at the ports they call, shippers have no choice but to wait for the vessel to pick up the containers - i.e. shippers do not have the option to shift the containers to another available vessel. 

If you are purchasing a Pre-Order items, or any item that is not currently in stock, or where it is specified in the product page that it requires indent, the date range specified on the product page and/or on the button you click to add to cart is an estimated time of arrival - this has always been the case prior to the emergence of COVID-19, and in these trying times, we urge you to bear in mind that these dates are estimated, planned, and/or currently anticipated, but we are not able to guarantee that they can be adhered to and delays can be substantial.

We have a no-refund, no cancellation policy as set out in our Terms & Conditions, and delay in delivery date is not a valid ground for refund or cancellation. If you are not able to accommodate delays, we urge you to purchase items that are already in stock, and we do carry a wide range of furniture pieces and home accessories and most of them are in stock.  This will ensure peace of mind and maximise the joy and happiness arising from your purchase.

Nevertheless we are making all reasonable, best efforts to bring the beautiful furniture and home accessories you have purchased right to your doorstep in line with the indicated time frame.

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