3 Door & 4 Door Sideboard Cabinet Singapore

3 Door & 4 Door Sideboard Cabinet Singapore

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Verity Ivory 4-door Sideboard with White Gold Decor Ideas for Modern Luxe Home Design.

Verity 4 Door Marble Cabinet Sideboard, Ivory


$1,790.00 $2,490.00
Elize 3-Door Cabinet's charming gold appeal makes an outstanding focal point for a living room console decor, or a luxury entryway decor
Modern and Luxury design elements make Finn Avenue's Valentino 3-Door Cabinet Sideboard. In blue with gold details,  thjis sideboard is a focal piece in any room.

Valentino 3 Door Sideboard, Blue and Gold


$1,599.00 $2,909.00
Verity 4-door Sideboard with Black Gold Decor Ideas for Luxury Living Room and Entrance Decor Design.

Verity 4 Door Marble Cabinet Sideboard, Grey


$1,790.00 $2,490.00
Defining the essence of Modern Luxury Design, this Reves 4-door sideboard features all round storage behind curved doors flanked by storage space with curved outer sides. Decorated in style, this sideboard works perfectly in entryway or dining room for a pop of glamour.

Reves 4 Door Curved Cabinet Sideboard


$1,230.90 $2,238.00
Emile Art Deco Bar Cabinet Tall Sideboard Black Grey Geometric Design with Gold Cross Feet displayed at Finn Avenue Furniture Showroom Store.

Emile Bar Cabinet Armoire


$1,545.00 $3,090.00

Our Elegant 3 Door Sideboard Cabinets Will Elevate Your Home in Singapore

3-Door Sideboard Cabinets series by Finn Avenue, where style seamlessly merges with utility. Our premium selection of sideboard cabinets is made to complement your interior design while offering plenty of storage. Learn why choosing our cabinets for your living space is a great decision.

Incomparable Elegance

Our 3-door sideboard cabinets are expertly made with careful attention to every last detail. The opulent finishes, such as rich wood veneers or artisanly painted exterior, give any space an air of richness. Each item is a work of art that goes well with both modern and traditional interior design.

Plenty of Storage

Put an end to the mess! All of your necessities can be stored in our spacious cabinets. These cabinets offer tidy storage without sacrificing aesthetics, whether it's for dinnerware, linens, or personal items. Thanks to the changeable shelves that are available in some of the 3-door sideboards, it's simple to adapt the interior to your needs.


Sturdiness and Excellence

Quality is our top priority at Finn Avenue. Our 3-door cabinets are made to last thanks to their solid structure and high-quality components. You can be sure that your purchase will last the test of time and become a treasured component of your house for many years.

Convenient Design

These cabinets are not just for the living room or the dining room. They may be employed in a variety of scenarios because of their adaptable design. You can use our 4-door sideboard cabinets as a stylish media console in your living room or an attractive dresser in your bedroom. There are countless options.

Practical Design Components

Many of our cabinets have smart design features, including handles that are simple to grasp and soft-close doors that operate quietly. These little adjustments improve the cabinets' general usability and functionality.

Outstanding Customer Service

At Finn Avenue, we pride ourselves on offering first-rate client service to help you choose a suitable sideboard cabinet. Finding the perfect 3-door sideboard cabinet for your house can be a challenge, but our trained staff are here to help. Please get in touch if you have any inquiries or requirements.

Convenient Online Shopping

It's easy and convenient to shop with us. Simply review our selection, pick your preferred cabinet, and finish purchasing. In order to provide a flawless purchasing experience, we provide safe payment methods and scheduled delivery.

Look Through Our Collection

Discover the ideal accent for your house by perusing our stunning selection of 3-door sideboard cabinets. Improve your living area right now with furniture from Finn Avenue.

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