Accent Chair Singapore for Living Room

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Arte-Gala Art Deco Chair, Gold Frame Black and White Striped Design.

Arte Gala Striped Accent Chair, Black White

Accent Chair

$ 689 SGD $ 919 SGD
This Baroque Wingback armchair makes a unique host chair in the dining room and works as an centerpiece accent high-end chair in any living room and bedroom.

Firenzi Wingback Leather Armchair


$ 3,890 SGD
Arte Black Champagne Armchair in Art Deco Living Room Design.

Arte Louis Arm Chair

Accent Chair

$ 769 SGD $ 1,029 SGD
Artus Gold Chair, style as an accent chair and pair this with the Vis-a-Vis side table for a cosy reading corner.

Artus Gold Dining Chair, Grey Velvet

Dining Chair

$ 439 SGD
Bonbon Accent Chair features a petite size that is perfect for shoebox sized flats and apartments. Decorated with gold trunk side table and decor items for a modern home design.

Bonbon Boucle Accent Chair, Ivory Cream


From $ 439 SGD $ 489 SGD
Abbey Dressing Table Chair, Pastel Pink.

Abbey Tufted Accent Chair, Blush Pink

Accent Chair

$ 569 SGD
The sexy thing about this Escargot Swivel Armchair is that it is petite, yet comfortable. Its smooth velvet captures us as we tried on it. It sits so comfortably and carry a timeless luxury armchair design.

Escargot Swivel Armchair, Mint Velvet


From $ 711 SGD $ 790 SGD

Explore Luxurious Accent Chairs for Your Living Room in Singapore

Discover the magnificent accent chair line from Finn Avenue, where comfort and luxury coincide. Our well-chosen collection of accent chairs is intended to turn your living space into a chic retreat. We offer the ideal accent chair for you, whether you favour the classic appeal of wood, the sophistication of leather, the luxury of velvet, or the grace of ivory color. Discover our exquisite selection of dining chairs, accent chairs, and armchairs to enhance the design of your living space.

Wooden Accent Chairs

Our wooden accent chairs are works of art that epitomise elegance. These chairs, which are made of high-quality wood, provide warmth and personality to any space. These chairs provide a classic touch to your living area. Our wooden accent chairs are made to fit any decor style, whether you like a traditional or more modern appearance.

Leather Accent Chairs

Enjoy the plush leather feel of our Firenzi Wingback leather armchairs. These seats, which are made of high-quality leather, radiate style and comfort. The soft leather upholstery provides luxurious seating in addition to its gorgeous appearance. Select the leather accent chair that best suits your style and improves the atmosphere of your living space from a variety of colours and patterns.

Velvet Accent Chairs

Our velvet accent chairs are ideal for individuals who yearn for grandeur and glamour. Our selection of velvet accent chairs perfectly illustrates how velvet is a material that is always associated with luxury. The velvet's plush, rich texture and sophisticated touch create your living room's fascinating centre point. Because these chairs come in a variety of colours, you may add your unique style to your design.

Ivory Accent Chairs

With our ivory color accent chairs, simplicity and elegance come together. With their subtle colour scheme, these chairs are the definition of elegance and refinement. Accent chairs in ivory color effortlessly add a sense of calm and sophistication to any room. These chairs are a versatile complement to any living area because of their simple lines and subtle attractiveness.

Ready to Elevate Your Living Space?

With the help of our accent chairs, you can turn your living area into a stylish retreat. Every chair in our collection is a representation of excellence, comfort, and design. It's now time for you to move forward. Select an accent chair that fits your taste and enhances your living area.

Explore our online store right away to find the ideal accent chair for your Singapore home. Add the luxurious finishing touch your living space so well deserves. Don't pass up the chance to make a statement with accent chairs from Finn Avenue.

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