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4 Questions To Consider When Choosing A Coffee Table

When it comes to furnishing your living room, coffee tables often come to mind right after a sofa. Even then, your coffee table may be the most important furniture piece in the room, as it can also be a centrepiece that ties the rest of your living room together.

What Makes Marble Tops Excellent And Why You Need One

Whether you are looking for a coffee table, a dining table, or a side table, consider picking one with a marble top. Although marble comes at a cost, investing in a piece that exhibits both a modern and classic feel, and lasts a lifetime with proper care, is undoubtedly a wise and excellent decision to add character to your home.

5 Must-Have Furniture You Need To Place In Your New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting process. If you’re moving into your first ever home, you probably have a ton of décor ideas in mind. However, not planning out the interior of your home properly can lead to a huge mess. It’s better to start with the essentials and slowly add to the décor over time. Regardless of the type of house or style you’re going for, there a few staple elements that are present in every home.

4 Tips To Combine Old And New Furniture For A Balanced Look

Balance and proportion are two crucial elements in interior design. They apply to the colour, shape, style and texture of your home’s décor. Combining modern furniture pieces with antiques is a unique way to achieve these design goals as they add contrast and depth to your home. It produces a room scheme that appears as though it has evolved over the years, stimulating a sense of nostalgia.

4 Ideas To Incorporate Marble Into Your Home’s Décor

When it comes to using marble in interior design, ancient structures like the Taj Mahal and St Petersburg’s Marble Palace often come to mind. Today, marble remains an elegant material that’s popular in the world of modern design. However, some people tend to stay away from this timeless material in fear of making their home feel cold and sterile.
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