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Versatile as a decor piece, and use as candlelight holder.

Etta Glass Candle Holder, Frost

Candle Holders

Atelier Marble Decorative Tray with Birds, Round, on display with Dragonfly insect sculpture and Reed diffuser and La Prosperite brass coral sculpture.

Atelier Marble Tray with Birds, Round

Trays & Plates

$188.00 $238.00
La Mer V White Coral Sculpture Decor modeled after the oceanic "cauliflower" coral, with glass crystal like pedestal base.

La Mer V White Coral Sculpture Decor

Decor & Sculptures

Display beautifully as a table art and decor, it also works as a lucky charm. This gold crown is an ideal gift for a new home, or just to make someone smile.

Hunter Gold Horn Sculpture Decor

Decor & Sculptures

$296.65 $349.00
Meteorites, Aluminium Gold Decor, star-shaped points, Available in 3 sizes.

Meteorites Gold Decor Sculpture, 3 Sizes

Decor & Sculptures

From $61.20 $68.00
Pietra Green Natural Agate on Marble Base, 2 sizes

Pietra Green Natural Agate on Marble Base, 2 sizes

Decor & Sculptures

From $129.00
Merce Grey Leather Tray With Acrylic handles and gold edge.

Merce Leather Nesting Tray, 3 Sizes

Trays & Plates

From $86.25 $115.00
Realistic looking white coral reef sculpture, perfect coastal vibe for display or as a paper weight.

La Mer IV White Coral Sculpture Decor

Decor & Sculptures

Bruner Leather Box, Faux snakeskin leather with a gold metallic handle.

Bruner Leather Box with Handle

Trinket Boxes



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