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Finding The Right Dining Table Shape For Your Home

Choosing the right dining table is more than just a personal preference for a shape. The two key considerations you should note when choosing a dining table are the size and shape of your dining space and the usual number of people that will be sitting regularly around the table. When you are sure of those two factors, you will find it easier to select the size and shape of your dining table that will help to accentuate and maximize the space.
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Professional & Affordable Home Decor Tips For DIY Homeowners

You look around the house that you have lived in for a couple of years, and you realize it is time for a makeover. You neither want to hire an interior design company to renovate your house nor spend an exorbitant amount of money to change the furniture. Taking matters into your own hand, you decide to do it yourself, but you realize one thing: Where do you start?
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Creating A Moodboard To Help With Your Decor Planning

You’ve finally got the keys to your long-awaited BTO, and you can’t wait to turn it into your dream home. But when your interior designer asks you, “How do you want your home to look like?” all you can manage to reply is, “Eh, cosy?”
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A Fundamental Guide To Styling Mismatched Dining Chairs

The dining area is one of the most used corners of the house. Hence, many homeowners do spend extra time ensuring that the dining area is well designed. While the use of seamlessly designed furniture is still preferred by many, there is a rising trend in utilizing mismatched dining chairs to create a unique look and feel. While it may be tricky to pull off, it can help your interior stand out if done correctly.
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Decorative Tips That Will Help Make Your Living Space Bigger

Apartments and condominiums are getting smaller and smaller due to the limited land that we have in Singapore. As homeowners are looking into renovating or refurbishing their homes, they may lament the limited space they have to work with. However, smaller areas mean easier decorating, easier cleaning, and easier organizing.
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