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Round dining table pairs a sturdy, brushed stainless steel base with a round faux Black Marquina marble top.

Emma Round Dining Table, Black Marble

Dining table

$1,683.50 $2,590.00
Taylor Gold Bar Trolley in Stainless Steel Frame with Bar Decor Ideas.

Taylor Bar Cart Trolley, Gold

Dining Cart

$594.15 $699.00

Best Round Dining Tables Singapore

Smart. Chic. Functional.

What is a round dining table?

Dining tables are essential in every household. It is more than a platform to have your meals on. It is the social focal point of your home and the critical space in which your dining preference and taste are reflected. Whether you are hosting a potluck dinner for your fellow colleagues or enjoying a holiday meal with your family, the dining table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your Singapore home. With the right dining table, you can make the most out of the space. When you buy a dining table, choosing the right shape and size makes a difference. If you are looking around for a design that goes beyond the traditional square or rectangle dining table, then round dining tables might be a choice to consider.

Our round marble dining tables are the ideal table shape that encourages seamless flow in your home, allowing your household or guests to move around easily. Whether you have a contemporary or formal dining arrangement, our round marble table allows you and your guests an inclusive, cozy, and intimate dining space. Even if you are limited on space, with a diameter of 75cm, our round dining table comfortably accommodates two to four chairs, reducing the need for floor space, and making it ideal for tinier dining spaces.

What makes round dining tables such a clear design choice

What do you get when you buy round dining tables?

  1. Saves Space

A round dining table has no corners, allowing more open space and better maneuverability. They are generally mounted on top of a central stand, unlike a square or rectangle dining table, which is mounted on four legs, taking more floor space.

  1. Better interactions

A round dining table encourages easier and better interactions with one another. Without any corners, everybody at the table can reach across the table easily. Also, with the circular shape, one will less likely have to pass food around, as each can reach the center of the table easily.

  1. Ideal for homes with elderly and kids

A round dining table has no sharp corners, making it ideal for homes with elderly and children as it can prevent unnecessary risk of injuries. With rectangle or square tables, the risk of knocking into the corners and risking injuries is high. Hence, you might want to consider getting a round dining table if your home has elderly or young children.

Browse our range of round dining tables online or visit our physical showroom at 201 Henderson Road, #04-18, and start enjoying a sumptuous meal on our gorgeous dining tables!