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Designer Inspirations: Armchairs, Accent Chairs, Bedroom Benches & Dressing Stools

Versatile accent chairs, armchairs, stools, and benches that can be used in the living room, dining room, study or bedroom

The variety of armchairs Singapore has witnessed over the years reveal the great love city dwellers have for seeking comfort in an accent chair reading a book, playing games on the phone, or watching Netflix. Not only is an armchair functional in its purpose, it also doubles up as a haven for rest from the long day at work. In many cases, an armchair is also an accent chair that accentuates life within a living room or a bedroom.  Aside from armchairs, one may also consider beautiful stools or benches as alternatives to accent chairs.  Buying the right armchair is important to set the mood you are creating in a room. In the study, having an a crisp armchair like the Firenzi Wingback Leather Armchairs imbued with history would boost focus as the wings at the top would encourage you to zero in on the important business at hand. So putting it in front of a desk or having a pair at the side of the the home office for a more lean-back discussion is a great placement. Its beautiful neoclassical design is homage to the King Louis style that is a must have for any avid Baroque style lover.  For something with a more modern luxe cozy feel, the Earl Petite Chesterfield Armchair is an ideal choice with its plush velvet exterior and vintage brass detailing, it is a perfect balance of warmth and sophistication that brings a classic design to the forefront of modern furniture. Equally alluring is the Clyde Curved Velvet Gold Armchair - defined by its sleek appearance, this armchair envelops its sitters with smooth lines and curving arms. Enhanced by its warm gold metallic touches, Clyde Curved Velvet Gold Armchair adds a decadent aesthetic to your home. This statement accent chair is crafted with a hardwood frame, features a inviting silhouette with smooth velvet upholstery choices that lures your thoughts from Singapore to Old Hollywood glamour.  Or you could consider an accent chair that is more compact and features well either as a dining chair or a study room chair, or a dressing chair: Nolie & Finn: Fairy Place II King Louis XVI Chair.
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