Glass Coffee Tables Singapore

Glass Coffee Tables Singapore

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Three gold steel side tables with circular tiers, arranged in ascending order of height, with a white orchid plant and a decorative figurine on the tallest table. They are placed against a white wall with decorative paneling.

Wallich Glass Nesting Coffee Table Set, Set of 3

Coffee Table

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A perfect statement to transitional and modern luxury living rooms, Canninghill Coffee Table Collection naturally becomes the focal point of any space, may be it condominium, landed house, or apartment flat. Its owner feedback that the Canninghill Piers Coffee table works perfectly as the conversation starter during his home parties and receives compliments from all house guests every time.

Canninghill Piers Glass Coffee Table, 2 Sizes

Coffee Table

From $699.00 $899.00

Bring Home A Classic Glass Coffee Table Singapore

Are you confused about choosing between the square and round glass coffee table? Square glass tables are an underrated choice, but they hold the sheer elegance, even though some prefer round glass coffee tables. Both are classic choices of all time. Finn Avenue has a wide collection of square glass coffee tables and round glass coffee tables available at the best price ranges. You can shop from our online furniture store and get them to your doorstep within our standard delivery days. A small square glass coffee table is also a common choice in many households for decades. Even today's modern homes also love this classic collection.

Square Glass Coffee Table Will Remain A Unique Choice 

The square coffee tables, being a common option, have also become a unique choice. These tables suit smaller spaces and corners. There are various reasons why square coffee tables are considered more versatile and suitable in different spaces. Here are the reasons that prove its versatility.

Enhanced Flexibility 

Do you think the square coffee tables are only for living rooms? These are not only for living space; you can also use them in the dining room. Moreover, they can also become fit in your office space, driving the personality of your room. Therefore, it is flexible for every interior setting.

Easy to Move Around

The glass coffee table Singapore is easier to move around. These are quite small to fit in any space. It can be placed against the wall, even in cozy and tight spaces. You just need to rearrange the furniture to set it. At Finn Avenue, the square coffee tables are available in various sizes to fit in every space.

Visually Appealing 

The small square glass coffee table is quite attractive and clean. It will blend in any atmosphere and interior to give a defined look. Moreover, it is easy to combine with any items in your living space. It also does not take up much space, so you can fit in more stuff. This is why some prefer it to a round glass table. At our store, you will get a variety of square coffee tables available in different heights. Based on your furniture needs, you can choose them accordingly.

Round Glass Coffee Tables Are Also Popular Choices

The best thing about shopping with Finn Avenue is that you can also explore popular choices of round glass coffee tables. Positioned elegantly, round glass coffee tables have a way to make a room feel larger and spacious. You can place them in between the TV and the sofa. You can also choose a small round glass coffee table for other corners of your living room, office, or bedroom. Especially for homes with children, some parents prefer to avoid sharp edges and consider round glass coffee tables a better choice for them.

We recommend choosing the best type that suits your interior!

At Finn Avenue, you will find the different shapes of glass coffee tables available, be it round or square. Every coffee table design has its own versatility and feel, so deciding which one will work best for your interior space is important. We recommend you sign up at our website and consider our home design tips to make the best purchase. We will help you pick the perfect coffee table for your space. Or simply visit our showroom!