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Inspired by vintage old Hollywood glamor of our Primrose Velvet Pleated Curved Sofa, this beautifully crafted curved armchair plays up smooth sexy lines with an unparalleled vintage design.

Kelly Swivel Armchair, Gold Base


$ 784 SGD $ 980 SGD
Classic hand tufted seating in Ivory Cream. The Raphael armchair swivels 360 degrees, the high back fully embraces you for maximum back support.

Raphael Tufted Swivel Armchair, Gold Base, Ivory Cream


From $ 872 SGD $ 1,090 SGD
Raphael Modern Art Deco Armchair in Gold Base with Tufted Grey Velvet for Modern Living Room Design.

Raphael Tufted Swivel Armchair, Gold Base, Lush Grey


From $ 872 SGD $ 1,090 SGD
The sexy thing about this Escargot Swivel Armchair is that it is petite, yet comfortable. Its smooth velvet captures us as we tried on it. It sits so comfortably and carry a timeless luxury armchair design.

Escargot Swivel Armchair, Mint Velvet


From $ 711 SGD $ 790 SGD
Modern Art Decor Swivel Chair in Modern Living Room Design with Gold Dampierre Boudoir.

Remy Pouf Swivel Chair, Grey, Petite


$ 790 SGD $ 1,090 SGD
Modern Art Deco Armchair, In ivory cream and Gold, Petite.

Remy Pouf Swivel Chair, Ivory Cream, Petite


From $ 790 SGD $ 1,090 SGD
Jadore Gold Bar Stool, In Modern Art Deco Design for Luxury Living Room.

Jadore Swivel Bar Stool, Gold

Bar Stool

From $ 550 SGD $ 1,690 SGD

Buy Swivel Chairs Online and Enjoy Its Advantages

Swivel chairs will be a great addition to both your home and workspace. Due to their exclusive benefits, these have become a go-to furniture option among others. If you want to save space and avoid adding large sofas, invest in a swivel armchair Singapore from our store. The primary purchase of these chairs is to offer support and comfort. But its features are not limited to this; they also offer other specific benefits. It is an ideal furniture option to add something new and stylish to your living space.

Moreover, it is also suitable for your working environment. At Finn Avenue, swivel chairs are available in all shapes and sizes. These will allow you to find the best ones that perfectly suit your needs. 

Check Out the Benefits of Investing in Swivel Chairs

Our swivel chair collection comes with functional benefits, starting from improving posture to adding aesthetic value. Here are reasons to buy a swivel chair from our premium furniture store.

A Space-Saving Solution!

Swivel chairs will be your ultimate space-saving solution when you have compact interior space. It is the perfect furniture piece for small spaces as they take up very limited space compared to regular sofas and chairs. The design of the swivel chair is only compact but also has an aesthetic luxury feel. This is why it is a great choice for home, office space, and small rooms. Moreover, it can also fit well into tight spaces and still offers all the necessary functionality.

Available in a Variety of Styles and Options

Swivel chairs are available in a great variety of styles and options at our online store, so you can invest in the one that fits your functional and aesthetic perfectly. We have premium office chairs and modern swivel chairs with luxury designs. Whether you're looking for an eye-catching piece or a more functional option, you will definitely find the perfect fit.

Additionally, there are models of swivel chairs that come with great features. For example, adjustable armrests and headrests. It offers high-quality, relaxing sitting comfort and makes it easier to tailor-fit the chair based on your preferences. We also have models that can be a great choice for customers who need a different seating solution to maximize their comfort throughout the day. So, explore our limitless collection of swivel armchair in Singapore and enjoy its benefits. 

Increases Focus and Productivity 

Yes, investing in swivel chairs can increase productivity in your work with their relaxing and comfortable features, especially when you are working from home or even the office. Studies prove that feeling comfortable and supported will drive more focus and improve clarity of thinking and decision-making. This, in turn, leads to greater levels of productivity in your work. So, besides its aesthetic value, it is one of the major benefits of swivel chairs. 

Explore the Swivel Chairs from Our Online Store!

Here, you will get a vast collection of branded swivel chairs. We are one of the top-rated furniture suppliers in Singapore, known for quality delivery. Check out the swivel chairs and invest in the best ones.

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