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Designer cushions, wall decorative mirrors, designer rugs, lifestyle home decor & more

Women have their jewelry, men have their watches - a beautiful home has its accessories too. Lamps, rugs, mirrors, lifestyle décor and cushions all play a significant role in creating a beautiful home. Something as simple as a statement lamp such as Tristan Grey Marble Gold Table Lamp can create such a big impact, that is why choosing the right home accessories in Singapore is as important as choosing a couch.

In Singapore, we are blessed to find so many home accessories online and with so many choices, one tends to be a little overwhelmed. Avoid run-of-the-mills merchandise – you don't want your home to look like everybody else’s! That is why a great tip to start your home furnishings shopping in Singapore is to choose quality over quantity: get something unique like the Halo Rose Gold Dome Table Lamp that adds a pop of color coupled with the Greek Symmetry Handcarved Wall Mirror  or the Circles of Life Hand-carved Mirror to create a complementary accent for your home. Another tip for all you collectors out there is to refrain from displaying all the accessories you bought. Might seem weird in the beginning, but over-cluttering your space will make it seem small and constrained. Save some for later and when u feel tired of your current layout, just bring out the ones you kept, that way your home will always have fresh new furnishings.

Of course, one of the key principles about home furnishings is one must have beautiful cushions to go along with any sofa. Consider our gorgeous cushions, including designer cushions from Candice Olsen and others, such as Candice Olson Collection: City Stripes Linen & Cotton Velvet Down Feather CushionSilver Velvet Satin Flanged CushionRose Petals Wool Cushion in Ivory, FurFur Dusty Pink Down Feather Cushion and more. 

Here at Finn Avenue, we offer our home accessories online for browsing at your leisure. But like choosing a sofa we understand the importance of seeing the pieces firsthand and being able to touch and feel the textures and to visualise better how our lovely home accessories would complement your home. That is why our showroom here in Singapore is a great way to check out everything from large home furnishing items such as rugs, mirrors and table lamps, to smaller home accessories such as cushion covers, vases, decorative flowers, even all the way to trinkets such as jewelry boxes and bookends.

You will be able to see firsthand how each piece in our showroom has a complementary partner so you won’t have to scour the entire island for something to match. So start browsing, and be sure to look around your home to make sure it is a perfect fit!