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Dining Room Bar Trolley with Decor Inspirations

Taylor Silver Bar Cart Trolley

Console Table

$699.00 SGD
Emile Art Deco Bar Cabinet Tall Sideboard Black Grey Geometric Design with Gold Cross Feet displayed at Finn Avenue Furniture Showroom Store

Emile Bar Cabinet, Mirrored Armoire


$2,490.00 SGD $3,090.00 SGD
Console Tables

Thierry Petite 1 Drawer Console Table, Black & Gold

Console Table

$739.00 SGD $890.00 SGD
Modern Mid Century White Gold Blue Entrance Decor by Finn Avenue

Valentino 2-Drawer Art Deco Console Table, Blue and Gold

Console Table

$1,490.00 SGD $1,990.00 SGD
Valentino 4 Door Art Deco Cabinet Sideboard, Blue and Gold in Modern Living Room Home Design with Console Table Decor
Elize 3 Door Gold Cabinet in Mid Century Furniture Design with Entrance Decor Ideas

Elize 3 Door Cabinet Sideboard, Champagne Detailing


$1,790.00 SGD $2,690.00 SGD
TV Console Cabinet Singapore

Lauren 2 Door Cabinet Sideboard, Modern Art Deco


$990.00 SGD $1,590.00 SGD
Ember French Sideboard Cabinet with Table Decor Display for Modern Living Room Home Design Ideas.

Ember 3-door Cabinet Sideboard, Artistic Seascape


$1,190.00 SGD $1,990.00 SGD
TV Console Cabinet

Jardin 2 Door Cabinet Sideboard, Antiqued Grey


$990.00 SGD $1,590.00 SGD


Buy Sideboards, Buffet Tables & Crockery Cabinet 

Use it as a buffet spread or a dessert table for your dinner gatherings at home.

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your dining room will be the addition of sideboards or buffet tables. These accent pieces complement your dining table to store your extra dinnerware, flatware and table linens. Since the 18th century, antique sideboards have existed in formal dining rooms, and they are seen as a desirable and fashionable accessory for holding food and serving dishes. Today, these furniture pieces are made in a range of decorative styles. You can also get them for your hallways and entryways as they add character to your space. Not only do they beautify your home interior, but they also offer great storage options for you to display your beautiful décor items or stow away belongings for a clutter-free area. Some popular options for decorating your sideboard include flower vases, photo frames, terrariums, and candles.

At Finn Avenue, we carry a wide array of sideboards in Singapore with modern and contemporary designs that would make a great statement piece in the dining room. They are bold and eye-catching, crafted with the most attention to detail to offer a standout piece of furniture you can be in awe of.  If you’re looking for antique nostalgia, check out our Jardin 2 Door Cabinet Sideboard, Antiqued Grey for its linear wood design with gold-tone metallic accents that add timelessness to your home design. However, if abstract art design is your idea of a dream design, the Ember 3-door Cabinet Sideboard, Artistic Seascape will be your ideal dining sideboard.

In addition, you can take a look at our stunning Iberian-Moroccan Mirrored 2-door Cabinet Sideboard, which you can also consider as your buffet table. It has an antiqued appearance with Fretwork detailing and individually-hand-cut mirrors, complete with a hand-painted champagne finish. You can keep your precious crockery and use it as a place to serve a spread of starters, desserts, and drinks when you host a small dinner party at home. Alternatively, you can set the Cristal Mirrored Console Table against the dining room wall for a charming touch of vintage glamour. Having a sideboard or a buffet table in the dining room is useful for many reasons. It allows you to enjoy your dinner parties with ease without constantly going in and out of the kitchen all the time. A well-decorated sideboard also allows you to create an intimate and cozy dining room ambience by placing a beautiful table lamp or several candle holders. After dinnertime, you can take out your treasured cups, sauces, and wine glasses for that nightcap to wind down for the night.

Sideboards and console tables are great furniture pieces for storage and organization – they are also fantastic to help display your decorative items as well. Find your ideal piece at Finn Avenue, where you can browse a selection of sideboards, buffet tables, and crockery cabinets in Singapore to complete your dining room area. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of a sideboard?

A sideboard, which is often referred to as a buffet, is a piece of furniture traditionally used in the dining room to display served dishes, serve food, and store utensils and crockery.

Where should I place my sideboard?

Sideboards are versatile pieces of furniture, and you can utilize them in various ways:

  1. Living room – you can use the sideboard as a media stand to place your TV and other home entertainment options.
  2. Behind the sofa – if there is ample space behind your couch and you are at a loss for what to do with it, the sideboard is the ideal solution to your problem.
  3. Entryway – you can place the sideboard at the entryway and use the furniture to store your shoes.
  4. Bedroom – you can place the sideboard in your bedroom to store your handbags, books, and other items you want to keep for easy access. Top the piece off with a mirror to check your make-up before leaving the house.
How do I choose the ideal sideboard for my home? 

When shopping for a sideboard, you need to consider:

  1. The use – such as the number of shelves, drawers, and cupboards.
  2. Types – low or high sideboards, stand-alone or wall-mounted installation.
  3. Style of the sideboard – does it complement the design of your room?
  4. Material of the sideboard – solid wood, metal, or manufactured boards?
  5. Where are you placing the sideboard – the living room, kitchen, or bedroom?
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