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Elize TV Console decorated with Luxurious decor items for a Modern Luxury Appeal for the living room.

Elize TV Console, 4 Door Sideboard

TV Console

$ 1,990 SGD $ 3,090 SGD
Verity 4-Door Marble TV Console with Black and Gold Decor Ideas for Modern Luxury Living Design.

Verity Marble TV Console, Grey

TV Console

$ 1,790 SGD $ 2,390 SGD
Verity 4-Door Marble TV Console with White and Gold Decor Ideas for Modern Home Design.

Verity Marble TV Console, Ivory

TV Console

$ 1,790 SGD $ 2,390 SGD
Valentino 4 Door Art Deco Cabinet Sideboard, Blue and Gold in Modern Living Room Home Design with Console Table Decor.

Valentino TV Console, 4 Door Sideboard

TV Console

$ 2,190 SGD $ 3,369 SGD
Divine 4 Door TV Console Sideboard, Ivory White Gold Detailing for Modern Luxury Living Room Design Decor.

Divine TV Console, 4 Door Sideboard

TV Console

$ 1,490 SGD $ 2,190 SGD
Perched atop natural white Slate table top, this Perla TV Console and cabinet exhibits the sophisticated style of this contemporary cabinet design. Styled for the modern home design, for those who are planning a home make-over or moving to a new home, don't miss out on this cabinet design.

Perla Slate TV Console, Mother-of-Pearl

TV Console

$ 2,290 SGD $ 2,863 SGD

Buy TV Consoles and Cabinets Online in Singapore

Even if you don't have as much time as you'd like to spend on the couch, you still need a TV console in your living room. Singaporeans who want to upgrade their living spaces will appreciate our range of stylish, long-lasting minimalist TV consoles. We'll guide you through our varied product options and help you choose the best tv console in Singapore.

Best TV Console Tables and Display Cabinets Online

Here at Finn Avenue, we work with you to create the in-home space of your dreams. If you need more help deciding how to decorate your home, simply peruse the "Shop Our Looks" section. Many interior designers choose mirrored tables like the Vedette Victorian Mirrored Console Table, Crystal Mirrored Console Table, and Modern Parisian Mirrored Console Table for use elsewhere in the house, such as in the bedroom, the study, or the home office. Both the mirrors and the rest of the furniture are hand-carved by skilled artisans.

What Makes Finn Avenue Stand Out?

The aesthetics of our TV cabinets aren't the only consideration. They are also great for putting things in! You can use it to neatly stow away your cords, CD collection, and other household items. Oh, and don't let the low prices fool you. We bring high quality to the table to construct these TV console cabinets. Our TV stands are crafted from high-quality wood to last. Wooden TV consoles from our collection feature natural grain patterns and rich textures that will make your home feel more inviting and refined.

Further, our marble TV stands are sure to impress guests and make your dining hall feel more elegant. These consoles offer a sleek, long-lasting, and simple-to-clean working surface. We offer the perfect blend of durability and elegance for those who prefer a more modern, industrial aesthetic. 

Select the Perfect Chest of Drawers for Your Home

Fin Avenue has every imaginable variety with an option of ample storage. Featuring a refined assortment, it caters to the needs of every Singaporean homeowner. Our TV stands are designed to make a bold fashion statement, whether your taste runs to Victorian, modern, minimalist, or another aesthetic.

Luxury Mode 

Joining the classic decor movement? Watch for television stands with simple designs and neutral tones; our Verity Ivory 2 Door Cabinet Sideboard is a safe bet. The modern, minimalist TV stand would look great in any Singaporean home with white or neutral-colored walls. It's a space-saving piece of furniture that can elevate the look of any living room. Get started on your ideal home right away by shopping for something other than Scandinavian furniture.


Are you prepared to reduce clutter? The sleek, uncluttered design of the TV stand will impress you. It's the ideal solution for achieving a minimalistic yet stylish living area. Its minimal design and clean lines make it an excellent choice for cramped quarters. Thanks to their uncluttered design, the pieces of minimalist furniture can help make even the smallest flat feel more spacious.

Solid Wood

Looking to add some solid wood touches to your home? Consider our wooden TV stands if you're looking for a more natural, calming atmosphere. Its earthy tones and timeless style make it a great addition to any family room. It's ideal for a warm and welcoming family home that cherishes tradition and ease. 


Mounting your TV on the wall will make your living room the talk of any dinner party you hold. You may have your TV wall-mounted above the TV console. This design will give your Singapore home a more open feel and a more contemporary aesthetic than traditional wall-mounted TV consoles. With such a combination of TV console with a TV wall mount stand, you can enjoy your favourite shows in a sleek, space-saving manner that won't compromise your minimalist aesthetic.

Finn Avenue is Singapore's premier destination for high-end, affordable mirrored furniture, console tables, display cabinets, and chests of drawers. Our mission is to make quality, modern furniture and home accessories in Singapore affordable for everyone. Our goal is to provide people with beautiful, functional, and cost-effective homes. 

Our trendy TV consoles are designed to meet the needs of today's consumers so you can stay one step ahead of the curve. If you're looking to give your area a little facelift, we have a wide variety of high-quality, elegant, and luxury TV consoles for you to peruse. Don't miss out on the to enjoy your favourite shows in comfort and style. You can reach out to us directly if you have any inquiries about purchases or delivery times.

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