Galatea White & Gold Table Series Are Back


Back better than ever, Galatea White & Gold Table Series

Guess what did we bring back!? One of our most popular items, Galatea White & Gold table series, are back in stock now!

Make your space more classy and luxurious with these re-stocked items!  

You will love the complementary contrasts from how the white cultured marble rests on the gold metal legs. With different sizes and diverse utilisations, there is something at every corner. 

Galatea Marble Tables


1. Coffee Table


Pictured: Galatea Marble Coffee Table, Ivory & Gold


2. Console Table 

 Pictured: Galatea Marble Console Table, Ivory & Gold


3. Side / End Table 

Pictured: Galatea Marble End Table, Ivory & Gold


Paris marble's luminous warmth with textured gold-leaf cool luster finish that is handcrafted and finely distressed. 

Each piece differs in how the artisan emphasises on the 'distressed' look to make it more vintage looking, resulting in each piece of furniture having their own sense of individuality. 


What is cultured marble ?

Culture marble is mix of stone particles and resins which is combined with color to make various of scope of colors, realistic, natural looking patterns. 

-Cultured marble is not difficult to handle as compared to real marble.

-Easy to clean with coarse-grained products. 

-Less expensive to manufacture and place than quarried stone marble and still manages to elevate the value of your place just as natural marble stone does. 

 ✔️White faux marble console table top with grey veins 

✔️Handcrafted antiqued gold legs in distressed gold-leaf finish


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