Curved Sofas Singapore

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Create a cosy and intimate feeling with the Primrose 3 seater Curved sofa, style the set with hues of brown and beige cushions and the Cristian marble side table.

Primrose Curved Sofa, Lush Grey

3-seater plus Sofa

$1,992.00 $2,290.00
Infiniti Curved sofa, a Vladimir Kagan inspired curved sofa style, plush ivory cream velvet. Pink furfural cushion and White gold Square cushion perched on a curved gold plinth base.

Infiniti Curved Sofa, Gold Base

3-seater plus Sofa

From $1,867.50 $2,490.00
Eclipse modern Art Deco sofa design, curved Seats and gold base. Create a soft luxurious living room look with ivory and gold cushions.

Eclipse Curved Sofa

3-seater Sofa

$1,992.00 $2,490.00
Sold Out
Plush and comfy, the primrose curved sofa features a dipped backrest that goes from high to low, versatile and comfortable. Fluffy pillows complete the luxurious living room look.

Primrose Curved Sofa, Ivory Cream

3-seater plus Sofa

From $1,992.00
Designer Sofa, 3-seater, Zelda, high curving arm and double back details.

Zelda Curved Sofa Couch

3-seater Sofa

From $1,417.50 $1,890.00
Angled view of the Rever Curved sofa, 3 seater, modern mid-century design. Style this deep sofa with the Mesh gold boudoir cushion, matching the brushed gold steel legs.

Rever Curved Sofa Couch, 3-seater-plus

3-seater plus Sofa

From $1,463.00 $2,090.00
A Petite 2 seater Rever Curved sofa, with deep seating depth for laid back comfort in creamy ivory velvet.

Rever Curved Sofa Couch, 2-seater, Ivory Cream

2-seater Sofa

From $1,504.00 $1,880.00


Explore our curved sofa selection and plan your seating with a flair

Finn Avenue is your ideal furniture décor platform where comfort meets artistry. Check out our curved sofa collections, where the innovative designs align with the need for relaxation. Our meticulously curated curved sofas collection is not just furniture centerpieces for your living room, but they can add a testament to elegance and luxury. These curved sofas are designed to transform your living space, enhance your lounging experience, and provide a new level of comfort and style in your home.

Why adorn your space with a curved sofa?

  • Add a visual appeal to your room as a focal point
  • If drama is what you love with simplistic designs, curved sofas can add that and make your space visually intriguing. It can add an artistic touch to your living spaces while creating a dynamic focal point. The graceful curves of the curved sofa in the living room create movement as an aesthetic feature of the room. When the right styling is done with accessorizing it, the curved sofa can create a balance with visually captivating space to draw attention and add a layer of sophistication to your interior décor.  

  • Use the space with more versatility
  • With their flowing lines and curved shapes, the curved sofa is versatile enough to fit into corners for cozy seating areas. They can also serve as stylish room dividers if you have open-concept spaces. You can easily outline the functional zones while maintaining a discreet flow in the room, offering excellent space efficiency. 

  • Naturally encourage interaction
  • When your guests arrive in your living room and find inviting seating furniture such as your curved sofa, the unique curvature of the curved sofa encourages you to sit face-to-face with your guest, it provides a natural environment for a good conversation. It creates an intimate atmosphere that fosters connection and engagement. Whether you are hosting a friends gathering or just want to enjoy quality time with your family, your curved sofa will definitely make everyone feel a part of the conversation. Find an extensive range of curved sofa dimensions, colors, and materials that suits your need. Bring home a sofa that serves as an invitation to unwind, interact and create priceless memories. 

  • Enhance comfort and maximize seating capacity
  • You can easily find an ergonomically designed curved sofa living room at Finn Avenue that provides comfort, support, and ample seating space without creating a bulky appearance. These sofas can accommodate 3 to 4 people, making it ideal for friends and family gatherings.

    Finn Avenue offers versatile styling options with curved sofa selections

    Browse through our selection of curved sofas that can change the ambiance of your living space. Each of our curved sofa living room designs features distinct craftsmanship, comfort, and innovative design. Our selection of curved sofas comes with various design styles that can create any space from modern and contemporary to classic and eclectic. Create a living room where conversations flow as naturally as the lines of the sofa. Find diverse design collections of 2 seaters to 3 seaters that suit your space theme and dimensions at Finn Avenue. Since your living room doesn’t deserve anything less than extraordinary, get affordable luxury from our curved sofa selection today!