3 Looks with the Earl of Chesterfield Sofa


Refreshing the look of your living room can be really quick and simple! See how you can do so with throw cushions, ambient lamps and a stylish chesterfield sofa.

One sofa, 3 different looks in a jiff.  

Look 1: Classic Black & White

Lamps: Troyes Textured Gold LampHonore Crystal Lamp

Cushions: Candice Olson Gray Linen Velvet Cushion, Embossed White Cushion (2 pieces used for styling), Fur Fur Gray Cushion, Black & White Leather Cushion, Black Leather Cushion &Fur Fur Ivory Cushion.

Look 2: Pop of Jewel Tones

Lamps:  Avizz Prism Lamp & La Verne Quatrefoil Table Lamp

Cushions: Cobalt Gray Medieval Cushion, White Silver Modern Cushion (2 pieces used for styling), Teal Velvet Cushion(2 pieces used for styling),  Fur Fur Ivory Cushion & Deep Purple Velvet Cushion.

Look 3: Elegance with Gold

Lamps: Pantheon White Marble Lamp & Le Chic Lamp

Cushions: Jacquard Velvet Stripes Cushion, Champagne Rose Cushion, Candice Olson White Star Dust Cushion, Petals Wool Cushion in Ivory, Candice Olson City Stripes  Cushion, Candice Olson Beige Olive Cushion & Brown Gold Fur Cushion


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