C-Shaped End Tables

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Sleek and clean lined C shaped side table with a muted brushed gold finishing and a mirror top surface for a classy modern look.

Butler Mirrored C-Shaped End Table

Side Table

$ 469 SGD
Made with clear glass table top, Pruie C-Shaped Gold End Table is designed with space visual and allows you to slide it under your sofa, and comfortably place your laptop or tea cup in front of you without sacrificing leg room.

Pruie Glass C-Shaped End Table

Side Table

$ 389 SGD
Voted as the designer’s choice, this One Draycott C-Shaped Marble End Table is the perfect solution for small condominiums or smaller rooms. With multi-purpose usage, this table slides under under the Chesterfield sofa for easy table accessibility.

Draycott Marble C-Shaped End Table

Side Table

$ 469 SGD

Elevate Your Space with Stylish C-shaped Side Tables from Finn Avenue

With our stunning assortment of C-shaped End Tables, you can improve your living area's beauty and practicality. Our selection of C-shaped side tables at Finn Avenue is made to complement your interior decor while also being useful and convenient.

Marble C-Shaped End Table

Thanks to the addition of marble top to C-Shaped End Tables any area is enhanced with a touch of classic elegance. Any table which is made with marble is both a piece of furniture and a work of art. Each table is distinctive due to the marble's natural or synthetic veining and patterns. Thanks to its C-shape form, it is a versatile addition to your living room or bedroom, which makes it simple to slide under sofas or chairs. This table blends usefulness and style, providing a place to set your drinks, books, or decorative items.

Mirrored C-Shaped End Table

With our a mirrored C-shaped End Table, you can add a little glitz and give the impression of more room. Your space will appear lighter and larger thanks to the mirror's reflective surface. This table is ideal for those who value contemporary design. It is a striking item that goes well with modern decor thanks to its streamlined design and clear lines. Because of its easy placement next to your seating area, its C-shaped design makes it the perfect option for tiny rooms.

Glass C-Shaped End Table

A glass C-shaped End Table is a great alternative if you want something simple and adaptable. The clear tempered glass top gives your space a modern, airy atmosphere. It's ideal for presenting your favourite home décor pieces without obscuring the view. The strong metal frame ensures durability and stability. With its modest appearance, it blends in beautifully with a variety of interior designs whether you use it as a side table, nightstand, or display stand.

Why Choose Finn Avenue’s C-Shaped Side Tables

Quality Matters: Our C-shaped side tables are made from high-quality materials, including marble, mirror, and/or tempered glass, to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Design that Saves Space: These tables have a C shape that makes it easy for them to slide under couches and chairs while also adding functionality.

Versatile Decor: Whether your taste is classic, modern, or experimental, our C-shaped side tables can go with a wide range of interior design styles.

Practicality and Aesthetics Collide: These tables provide a practical surface for your necessities while enhancing your room's aesthetic appeal.

Unique Options: Pick the C-shaped side table that best suits your style and home decor from our range of materials.

The C-shaped end Tables by Finn Avenue will enhance your home's design. These adaptable items offer functionality and act as fashionable highlights for your living area.

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