Modern Luxury Living Room Home Design wih Curved Sofa and Gold Round Coffee Table
Fayette Chesterfield Sofa with Throw Cushions and Pillows, Ivory Swivel Armchairs and Marble Coffee Table for Timeless Living Room Interior Design Inspirations at Affordable Prices.
Duchess Chesterfield Sofa in Luxury Living Room Home Design with Atlas Marble Table, Etienne Mirrored Side Table and Throw Pillow and Cushions on Sofa showcased on Luxury Rug.
Marcie Mirrored Vanity Set, 3 Drawer Dresser Table & Tr-fold Mirror with Ivory Stool
Thierry Petite 1 Drawer Console Table, Black & Gold with Christophe Gold Mirror in Luxury Bedroom Set up.
Alchemy Mirrored Vanity Dresser Table & Stool Set in Luxury Bedroom.
Primrose Curved Sofa with Curved Armchair and Round Rug in Modern Luxury Living Room  Design
Black and White Living Room Monochromatic Design Ideas by Finn Avenue Furniture Online Store
Dreaming Paris Living Room
Black Living Room Design
The Emerald Green Living Room
Modern Executive Living Room
Luxury Living Room Design in White & Gold
Modern Chinoiserie Living Room
The Chateau Living Room Design Idea
Foyer console table decor

Finn Avenue Home's designer home inspiration and decor ideas on study room and office decor

Finn Avenue Home's designer home inspiration and decor ideas on vanity dresser decor and showroom display
Finn Avenue Home's designer home inspiration and decor ideas on living room decor and showroom display



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“Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts”, says the great philosopher Aristotle; and this is true of interior styling, not only in Singapore but anywhere. Objects have no life whatsoever; it is the beautiful mind that is key to putting beautiful object in a way that bring to life in your home. This is why interior styling has gained so much attention in decorating homes, whether here in Singapore or elsewhere. Finn Avenue stands for anything that is beautiful. Showroom at Finn Avenue is a collection of looks that you can use in your home, and if you like any of the looks, you can buy the entire look at Finn Avenue, be it a living room, a foyer, a corner at the living room, a dining room, or a bedroom corner, or a study area. Historically French furniture comprises Parisian and provincial furniture, and their designs extend influence from Spain to Sweden and Russia from the late 17th century to the 1940s. In contrast, Victorian furniture arose in the latter half of the 19th century, and owed its origin from the love Queen Victoria (1837-1901) had for ornate design styles. Most Victorian furniture is a mixture of many other European furniture styles including Gothic pieces, Tudor artefacts, Elizabethan art, Rococo furniture, Neoclassic and art deco furniture, with Gothic and Rococo being the most common. The commonality among these furniture styles is a focus on detailing, use of glittery materials, and interior styling with beautiful pieces of home décor and home accessories. Home furnishings such as table lamps, home décor items, cushions, wall decorative mirrors, wall art, painting, and rugs are indispensable part of interior styling that give your home the character you will find solace and pride in. Visit our showroom, subscribe to our newsletters, and check out our blog regularly for the latest interior styling “look”.