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Modern Chesterfield Sofa, 3-seater, longer and wider seating space for spacious living room.

Earl of Chesterfield Sofa Couch, 3-Seater-Plus

3-seater plus Sofa

From $1,832.00 $2,290.00
Duchess of Chesterfield sofa in ivory linen fabric material, modern vintage design with tufted back and seat, with cushion styling.

Duchess of Chesterfield Sofa Couch, 3-Seater-Plus, Linen

3-seater plus Sofa

$1,912.00 $2,390.00
Modern Vintage 3-seater Chesterfield sofa in Grey Velvet with Tufting details and vintage nail head trim.

Esquire of Chesterfield Sofa Couch, Grey Velvet

3-seater Sofa

$1,512.00 $1,890.00
Esquire of Chesterfield sofa, modern vintage ivory velvet upholstery, styled with the vis a vis nesting side tables and the Emilien rug.

Esquire of Chesterfield Sofa Couch, Ivory Velvet

3-seater Sofa

$1,512.00 $1,890.00
Infiniti Curved sofa, a Vladimir Kagan inspired curved sofa style, plush ivory cream velvet. Pink furfural cushion and White gold Square cushion perched on a curved gold plinth base.

Infiniti Curved Sofa, Gold Base

3-seater plus Sofa

From $1,867.50 $2,490.00
Eclipse modern Art Deco sofa design, curved Seats and gold base. Create a soft luxurious living room look with ivory and gold cushions.

Eclipse Curved Sofa

3-seater Sofa

$1,992.00 $2,490.00
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Plush and comfy, the primrose curved sofa features a dipped backrest that goes from high to low, versatile and comfortable. Fluffy pillows complete the luxurious living room look.

Primrose Curved Sofa, Ivory Cream

3-seater plus Sofa

From $1,992.00
Create a cosy and intimate feeling with the Primrose 3 seater Curved sofa, style the set with hues of brown and beige cushions and the Cristian marble side table.

Primrose Curved Sofa, Lush Grey

3-seater plus Sofa

$1,992.00 $2,290.00
Angled view of the Rever Curved sofa, 3 seater, modern mid-century design. Style this deep sofa with the Mesh gold boudoir cushion, matching the brushed gold steel legs.

Rever Curved Sofa Couch, 3-seater-plus

3-seater plus Sofa

From $1,463.00 $2,090.00
Designer Sofa, 3-seater, Zelda, high curving arm and double back details.

Zelda Curved Sofa Couch

3-seater Sofa

From $1,417.50 $1,890.00
Fitzgerald Modular Sofa is available for custom sizes. From 3-seater to L-shaped sofa in various length, this luxury modern sofa design is timeless and never fails to impress your guests and families. For those shopping custom sofas for landed houses and large living rooms, Do check out Finn Avenue's Sofa Collection at its Furniture Showroom.

Fitzgerald Chesterfield Sofa Couch, 3-Seater-Plus

3-seater plus Sofa

$2,092.50 $2,790.00
Angled side view of the plus and smooth resilient velvet upholstery. Dark taupe grey creates a rich contrast against the light grey rug.

Ellie 3-Seater Sofa, Taupe Grey

3-seater Sofa

$899.00 $2,249.00


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We understand that everyone has different tastes and preferences, so we offer a wide selection using different types of wood, stainless steel, and upholstery fabric so that you have the freedom to choose a sofa that aligns with your style and preferences.

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