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Perched atop natural white Slate table top, this Perla cabinet exhibits the sophisticated style of this contemporary cabinet design. Anchor this show-stopping cabinet in your living room or entryway decor and up your game in creating a luxurious look and feel to your living space. All decor and furniture available at Finn Avenue Furniture Store in Singapore.

Perla 2 Door Cabinet Sideboard, Mother-of-Pearl Shell


$2,390.00 SGD $2,990.00 SGD
Harbour Cabinet Sideboard features hand-crafted natural Mother of pearl and features a timeless modern luxury interior design with a hint of coastal freedom and decorated with carefree lifestyle design decor.

Harbour 3 Door Walnut Sideboard, Mother of Pearl Shell


$2,596.00 SGD $3,248.00 SGD
Perched atop natural white Slate table top, this Perla TV Console and cabinet exhibits the sophisticated style of this contemporary cabinet design. Styled for the modern home design, for those who are planning a home make-over or moving to a new home, don't miss out on this cabinet design.

Perla 4 Door TV Console Sideboard, Mother of Pearl Shell


$2,290.00 SGD $2,863.00 SGD
Emile Art Deco Bar Cabinet Tall Sideboard Black Grey Geometric Design with Gold Cross Feet displayed at Finn Avenue Furniture Showroom Store

Emile Bar Cabinet, Mirrored Armoire


$2,490.00 SGD $3,090.00 SGD
Defining the essence of Modern Luxury Design, this Reves 4-door sideboard features all round storage behind curved doors flanked by storage space with curved outer sides. Decorated in style, this sideboard works perfectly in entryway or dining room for a pop of glamour.

Reves 4 Door Curved Cabinet Sideboard


$1,790.00 SGD $2,238.00 SGD
Display Cabinet

Elize 2 Door Cabinet Sideboard, Champagne Detailing


$1,290.00 SGD $1,790.00 SGD
Display Cabinet Singapore

Elize 4 Door Cabinet Sideboard, Champagne Detailing


$1,990.00 SGD $3,090.00 SGD
Elize 3 Door Gold Cabinet in Mid Century Furniture Design with Entrance Decor Ideas

Elize 3 Door Cabinet Sideboard, Champagne Detailing


$1,790.00 SGD $2,690.00 SGD
Verity Grey Gold Sideboard Curved with Decor Ideas for Modern Luxury Living Room Home Design
Verity 4-door Sideboard with Black Gold Decor Ideas for Luxury Living Room and Entrance Decor Design


Buy Display Cabinets and Console Tables Online

Find the perfect chest of drawers for your home

Cluttering is considered a compulsive activity that is emotionally driven and causes a change in one's mood. The best antidote is to organize your home with the right mix of console tables and chest of drawers, especially when you are living in a space-constrained home in Singapore. A stylish console table at the foyer is more than just a table to display framed up photos from your last beach vacation; when placed correctly, the console table can transform your house and give it an elevated look. Another key furniture piece in the living room is the TV console. It often serves as a communal point for most households where family and friends gather around to watch a movie or for an evening of conversation. At Finn Avenue, we offer modern TV console cabinet options that strike a balance between style and function – they allow you to display or store your personal belongings as desired.

At Finn Avenue, we help you to design the living area you have always wanted. Simply browse our "Shop Our Looks" category to get more ideas and inspirations on how to design your living space. Popular designs include mirrored furniture such as the Vedette Victorian Mirrored Console TableCristal Mirrored Console Table, and Modern Parisian Mirrored Console Table – many interior designers also choose these console tables as dressers in the bedroom or writing desks in the study and home office. Not only are they designer style furniture, but their mirrors are also hand-carved and manufactured under Quality Management System registered with NQA, an accredited body under UK Accreditation Service.

If you are looking for a vibrant and ultra-contemporary display cabinet, you will be dazzled with Lauren 2 Door Cabinet Sideboard, Modern Art Deco and Valentino 3-Door Cabinet Sideboard, Blue and Gold. Similarly, if you find all that built-in TV media carpentry to be a cliché, then we have just the right modern TV console cabinet for you: Elize 4 Door Cabinet Sideboard, Champagne Detailing.

Another creative way of combining beauty and functionality is to hunt for a unique chest of drawers that allow you to organize your crockery in the dining room, casual wear in the bedroom, or knick-knacks in the study. Check out the beautiful designer-inspired furniture pieces such as our Iberian-Moroccan Beauty Cabinet and Hermes Mirrored 3-Drawer Dresser Sideboard – these pieces have also been incorporated into the interior style of dining design as sideboards and buffet tables. Should symmetry be a critical part of your home design, or if you are looking for modern French furniture, be sure to consider the Etienne Bed Chamber Mirrored Tall Boy – a pair of these will create a lasting impression of your living room. If you are looking to complement your modern Baroque theme, you may find our Venetian Mirrored Bed Chamber Tall Boy particularly apt. This dazzling mirrored furniture piece is a hand-cut mirrored cabinet that brings out the old Hollywood vintage glamour.

At Finn Avenue, all our mirrored furniture, console tables, display cabinets, and chest of drawers in Singapore are carefully curated to make sure you can attain luxury for a steal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the factors I should take into consideration when choosing a display cabinet?

There are various considerations you need to keep in mind when buying a display cabinet for your living space:

  1. You have to ensure your room has sufficient room to place your desired display cabinet.
  2. You need to consider what storage is necessary for you.
  3. You need to make sure the display cabinet is practical and exactly what you need. 
Where should I place my console table?

Console tables are versatile pieces of furniture. They also come in all shapes and sizes, making them the perfect fit for almost any room. Depending on the style you purchase, you can choose to place the furniture behind the sofa or use it as a visual divider to separate the different purpose areas of a more spacious living room. Alternatively, a sleek, slim console table is the ideal fit for a bathroom, where you can place your various toiletries, or the hallway, where you can place a vase of flowers to freshen up the room.

What are the key criteria to look for when buying a chest of drawers?

Here is a list of criteria you need to consider before purchasing a chest of drawers:

  1. The amount of storage space you require
  2. The items you plan to store in your chest of drawers
  3. The amount of available space in your room
  4. The furniture style
  5. The ease of use
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