Putting together a stylish living room can be really effortless. All you'll ever need are 6 essential pieces to achieve that. And if you want to, layer on more pieces to complete a living room masterpiece without breaking a sweat! 

Read on to see our list of essentials for a stylish living room.

The Ultimate Essential
If there is a piece that one can not go without in the living room, it will have to be the sofa. Surely that's the whole idea of the living room in the first place. Don't you agree?  

Pick the best sofa for yourself with our guide here.

Perfect Sidekicks
Apart from literally being by the sides of the sofa, side tables are ideal sidekicks for storage or for your cup of drink while you are on the couch. Handy!

Select the perfect sidekick for your sofa here.

Feet Hugs with Rugs 
Either to cosy it up or to anchor your selection of furniture visually, a piece that provides feet hugs is a foolproof crowd pleaser.

See our styling tips for a statement rug here and the stylish collection of rugs here.

Cushions, Cushions, Cushions
The best thing ever for comfort, style and cosiness while being on the sofa? Nothing beats a lovely mix of throw cushions if you ask us!

Give your sofa a quick refresh with a new set of cushions combination with our styling tips here.

Amp it up with Lamps
We can not emphasise enough on how important it is to have a lamp in your spaces. Apart from being just a light and ambience provider in the evenings, lamps also help add visual texture and dress up the living room. 

Kickstart your ambient search with our collection of stylish lamps here.

Wall Art 
Styling a room is not just about the lateral space. Your walls will need some tender loving care too. Create a visual focal point in the living room with a piece of art or mirror or even an eclectic feature wall with a mixture of frame artworks and mirror!

Take your pick over here for a curated collection of wall stunners.

For more lovely decorative pieces and trinklets to spruce your living room, head on over to see our NEW lifestyle and decor collection!

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  • Amanda Lee
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