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4 Tips To Combine Old And New Furniture For A Balanced Look

Balance and proportion are two crucial elements in interior design. They apply to the colour, shape, style and texture of your home’s décor. Combining modern furniture pieces with antiques is a unique way to achieve these design goals as they add contrast and depth to your home. It produces a room scheme that appears as though it has evolved over the years, stimulating a sense of nostalgia.

Is velvet sofa right for you?

Finding the perfect sofa for your living room may prove to be a challenge at times. The material velvet sounds like a lot of work indeed,  Keep on reading this blog as we bust the myths about the material velvet and why this material could just be perfect for you

3 reasons why you need a console table

With the upcoming new innovative designs, console tables are quickly becoming the sought after furniture in the market. With its various functions such as giving more storage space in a small area or giving a platform to showcase your trinkets and collectibles, a console table will definitely give your home that added versatility.

Pre-holiday Sale is On!

Bringing you an exclusive sale this holiday. Be sure not to miss these hot deals as they may be gone before you know it. With the sale ranging from our core furnitures to our home decor, there is definitely something worth buying to spice up your home

5 Styling Tips to Create a Cozy Living Room with Cushions

Bear these tips in mind when you shop for your designer cushions and watch your sofa transforms into a cozy area that you can not bear to leave it even for a second.
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