Decorating Ideas — mirrors


A Furniture Necessity: The Etienne Mirrored Collection

Looking for more mirrored furniture? The Etienne Collection has finally arrived and proves to be a timeless piece with its clean and polished finishing. Be sure to check out the different furniture within this collection, there will easily be a piece to fall in love with.

Creating Beauty With Small Space Secret- Mirrors and Mirrored Furniture

Mirrors can add life to small spaces when they are fitted nicely. Mirror fittings and installations are mostly found in places like restaurants and hotels. When mirrored furniture and decorative mirrors are put in place especially in small spaces, they create the illusion of an illuminated spacious enclosure i.e. they create a brighter and larger impression. This awesome idea is no longer a secret as many homes, organizations and societies are beginning to follow suit by cultivating the culture.

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