A Furniture Necessity: The Etienne Mirrored Collection


Timeless Pieces For Your Modern Home 

Modernised to suit the contemporary style, these are the immersed beauty Etienne Mirrored Table and Storage Collection. The simple sleek lines brings out finesse and enchants the furniture as a timeless piece. Join us as we explore the beauty and the many uses of having mirrored furniture in your house.


Etienne Collection

 Pictured: The Etienne Collection

Chest of Drawers

Equipped with 5 capacious drawers, it is ideal to store articles of clothing or your full range of makeup stockpile. Rather the usual bedroom setting, place it in the living room for an idiosyncratic effect. Wherever situated, poise is projected while the height, build and the mirrors makes a bold statement piece.


Etienne Mirrored Chest of Drawers

Pictured: Etienne Mirrored Side Table/ Nightstand, 2-Drawer, Etienne Mirrored Dresser Sideboard, Slim, 5-Drawer


Bed Nightstand and Side Table

Have you always wished for a clean interior? Stay organised by removing clutter of disparate items and store them in the side table for that neat outlook. Whether you pair the side table beside the bed or a sofa, don't forget to complete the look with a lamp for a prestigious glamour!


Etienne Bed Side Table/ Nightstand

Pictured: Etienne Mirrored Side Table/ Nightstand


Coffee Table with Storage

Full mirrored table top surface is the charm of this coffee table as it provides form and function. Using the 2 wide drawers as extra storage, your living space will look whole and structured. 


Etienne Mirrored Coffee Table, 2-drawer

Pictured: Etienne Mirrored Coffee Table, 2-Drawer


Modern Parisian Mirrored Console Table and Vanity Dresser Table

Classy as a great impression striker, you can manipulate the console table in multiple ways. Awe your guests by placing the console near the entryway for a dramatic entrance.  


Modern Parisian Mirrored Console Table, 2-Drawer


Double it up as a vanity dresser and watch out for the glow that reflects beautifully while you touch up for the day. The ample compartments allow storing for skincare and makeup products.


Modern Parisian Mirrored Console Table, 2-Drawer


Now that you know the attraction of Etienne Mirrored Furniture Collection, which is your favourite? Whichever you pick, your house will glow radiantly with the mirrors brightening the surroundings.


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