Decorating Ideas — decorating with mirrors


A Furniture Necessity: The Etienne Mirrored Collection

Looking for more mirrored furniture? The Etienne Collection has finally arrived and proves to be a timeless piece with its clean and polished finishing. Be sure to check out the different furniture within this collection, there will easily be a piece to fall in love with.

The Secret with Mirrored Furniture

Ever wondered what was so special about mirrored furniture? With the added benefits of reflecting the colours of your house to turning your furniture into lush and opulent pieces. These are just a few of the many reasons why mirrored furniture is all the craze in the world at the moment.

New Luxury Black and Gold Small Side Table

Our newly launched luxury black and gold small side table has finally arrived. With its unique and uncommon design of side table, this piece will surely give your space a touch of class and style

The importance of console tables and why THIS console table suits you

You may not have realised the functionality of a console table and why you need one in your home. Read onĀ as we discussed the many wonders of a single console table and our newly launched console table

The Hermes Collection

Back with a bigger and upgraded Hermes Collection. With the set showcasing drawers and mirrors, this is a collection one definitely must check out to appreciate the beauty and glamour that radiates from the furniture themselves
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