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Top 3 Essentials to Create a Stylish Home Office

Here are the three must-haves to transform a dull work desk to a stylish home office. Simply make small changes that can transform your space from drab to fab! Read on for styling tips to truly make a home design difference.

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If you think of just tossing in festive decor like reindeers, snowflakes and Christmas trees to any room and you are done decorating for Christmas, think again!

What if we say you can dress your space with charming festive sparkle and still have the pieces serve you through the rest of the year stylishly? A clever way to get the bang for the buck for sure!

A wintery theme never fails to pop up in one's mind when anyone says Christmas. We say, go in line with it! Instead of hanging snowflakes all around, toss in some furry pieces to create a warm cosy, wintery vibe. Think fur throw, cushions and even a cute furry stools for the vanity too! 

All year round bonus factor: A timeless piece of decor to layer your couch, lounge chair or bed with texture and cosy vibes. 


Another great way to do so is by going white with a little gold. A colour combination that requires no fuss or much effort to include in any space as they match with almost everything! 

All year round bonus factor:  Modern typography and cute words to add to any home. A touch of gold that is always welcomed by any interior for a luxurious and refined look. 


No festive season is complete without glitter, sparkle and bling. So up your game with some fairy lights and make your space magical. Fret not. These battery-operated copper fairy lights are so portable, they can be placed anywhere without the fuss of needing a power point.

All year round bonus factor: Handy as a lovely night light by your bedside in a glass dome or terrarium or for dressing up any celebratory sess!

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Creating Beauty With Small Space Secret- Mirrors and Mirrored Furniture

Mirrors can add life to small spaces when they are fitted nicely. Mirror fittings and installations are mostly found in places like restaurants and hotels. When mirrored furniture and decorative mirrors are put in place especially in small spaces, they create the illusion of an illuminated spacious enclosure i.e. they create a brighter and larger impression. This awesome idea is no longer a secret as many homes, organizations and societies are beginning to follow suit by cultivating the culture.

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