Mirror, mirror, on the wall..


Mirror, mirror, on the wall..

Looking for that magical mirror that would so dazzle up your living room decor or for home interior wall decor ideas? Our new wall mirrors collection may not possess fairy tale's magical powers but they will surely make your house look absolutely sensational!

Beauteous Rose Petals Wall Mirror

Our most delicate piece yet. This fully hand-carved Rachelle Rose Wall Mirror is one that captivates and enchants. Your house will look extremely dreamy and bright as the individual petals draws light to the house while creating a hint of sparkle. Hang it as an adornment wall art to highlight its unique motif. 

Rachelle Rose Handcarved Wall Mirror

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Curved Deception

Tired of boring and endless lines? Try out Hedvige Handcarved Wall Mirror for that perfect curvature illusion. Made to soften the look of its surroundings, you can transform your space by placing this high versatility mirror to counter the harsh edges in your home. Perfect over a dresser or a console table, Hedvige mirror is a mesmerising piece to glamour up your home. 

Hedvige Handcarved Wall Mirror

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Greek Artistry  

Our modern take on Greek-inspired mirror was a hit and now we are launching a smaller version. The new Hermes Wall Mirror, Medium may look similar to our previous Hermes Grand Wall Mirror, but it has entirely different functions. The defined edges and prestigious frame emphasise the majestic grandeur. You can place it on top of a dresser or just as a wall decor to accentuate the area with its simplicity luxury. 

Hermes Medie Wall Mirror, Medium

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9's a Charm

Draw your attention to the intricate craftsmanship of this elegant yet quirky mirror. If you are looking to illuminate your house, Circles of Life Hand-carved Mirror is an incomparable choice. Hang it on a wall opposite a window and watch each 9 pieces of mirror reflect natural light and amplify the room. 

Circles of Life Hand-carved Mirror

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We love how novel and sophisticated our mirrors look, not to mention the head-turning moments! Get inspired by our intricate mirrors, head over to Finn Avenue Home for more mirrors.

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