Brushed or Polished Gold? Which coffee table says you?


Which Coffee Table Suits You Best

The coffee table is the centerpiece in almost every living room. It is a small furniture piece that shows a lot about the personality of the home occupiers.

Having a nice design and good size coffee table is important but it's so difficult. The perfect coffee table needs to fulfill these two conditions. They are "space" and "design".

Space - with smaller shoe-box living rooms, having the space to allow a coffee table or side table can be challenging. Design - Let's face it an old boring coffee table is a big no-no in creating the luxe home you desire.

Fret not! We found the perfect sized tables for any living room space, and they look gorgeous, if not stunning!


The Vis-A-Vis Gold Coffee & Side Tables

Tables that go with anything


Accent end table with round mirrored end table on fold pedestal base ranks as one of the most desired glamor home centerpiece. 

Wow your guest by doubling up its luxe glamor factor with a nesting table effect! They are great as a conversation centerpiece or an addition as an accent side table. And, incredible space savers for any living room design.

A home interior dream, these new tables come in two different finishes, matte brushed finish and glossy polished finish, and in tall and grande sizes. 



Vis-A-Vis Brushed Gold Coffee Tables


Due to its muted appearance, they diffuse light falling onto surfaces. With muted reflections, the metallic gold consistency is increased, thereby making the color rich yet understated. 

Pictured: Vis-a-vis Brushed Gold Tables, Tall here / Grande here

Tall : 40cm(Diameter) x 60cm(H) 

Grande : 50cm(Diameter) x 50cm(H)


Vis-A-Vis Polished Gold Coffee Tables


Glossy finish surfaces reflect light, so they are great for smaller spaces. They make a space appear larger than it actually is. These shiny surfaces are very smooth, making it easy to clean and maintain and also bring out the true color and vibrancy.

Pictured: Vis-a-vis Polished Gold Tables, Tall here / Grande here

Tall : 40cm(Diameter) x 60cm(H) 

Grande : 50cm(Diameter) x 50cm(H)


Another great statement piece to add into your living room would be a sofa to bring it all together. Make sure to check out our Is Velvet Sofa Right For You? 

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