6 Fundamental Tips To Spice Up Your White And Gray Décor


6 Fundamental Tips To Spice Up Your White And Gray Décor

White and grey décor can be anything from restful and restrained to glamorous and daring. With many different tones of white and grey to choose from, creating varying styles and looks become an endless affair.

As neutral monochromatic colors, white and grey make the perfect combination if you are looking to layer the space with artwork, print, and color. While the two colors may seem like safe choices, there are no reasons for them to be boring and drab. 

To incorporate additional interest, warmth, and contrast, the key is to introduce balance, colors, and texture into the space. Without further ado, here are six easy steps to warm up your white and grey home. 

1. Use warm accent colors

Balance out the cool whites and greys with warmer tones, such as saddle brown, deep orange, and light bronze tones. Our Light Bronze Haus Velvet Sofa is a great example. If you want something a little more eclectic and wild, you can even use a brighter color tone, such as a red or yellow leather recliner, as a statement piece that draws attention to your living room.

2. Add textured layers

Textures can add to the space interesting dimensions and feel. If you are decorating or furnishing your white and grey living room, you can incorporate textures by tossing a soft throw blanket casually over the sofa. Textures can come in various forms. If blankets are not suitable for Singapore’s climate, you can even use cushions with unique patterns and textures to help soften the look of the white and grey living room.

3. Use area rugs 

Area rugs are some of the most straightforward methods to incorporate patterns, colors, and textures to mitigate the monochromatic effect of a white and grey room. A fashionable area rug in the dining room, living room, or study room can introduce style to the room. We are currently hosting a rug sale online, offering a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. 

4. Consider woven, green, and woody elements

You can soften the austere feel of white and grey decoration by introducing natural elements, such as wood or greenery, to the space. Not only do they change the vibe of the space, but they are also able to make your home a welcoming and inviting haven.

5. Avoid painting your walls grey in spaces with low light

Rooms that do not have much natural lighting and lots of dark spots are not ideal candidates for grey walls. Such rooms, when painted grey, will only result in the space looking even more uninviting and dull. Hence, rather than just using grey, using a grey-beige combination or another color in the neutral spectrum with a warmer color tone can help brighten the look of the room.

6. Do not forget about the light

No matter what color theme your house is, it is always best to let in as much natural light as possible. However, you also want to enhance the lighting effect with artificial lighting. Finding the right light fixtures is crucial as they help to brighten up the space when natural light is not available. You can add style and practicality to the space with pendant lights and lamps.


There are many ways to add warmth to a white and grey room, from adding ambient lighting and cozy rugs to adding warm accent colors. The fortunate thing about white and grey is that they are such neutral tones that almost any color pairs well with them. Hence, you are not limited to specific color choices.

At Finn Avenue, we take pride in being a one-stop solution for your décor needs. From side tables and TV consoles to cushions, lamps, and décor flowers, find all you need to decorate your white and grey space. Contact us to find out more.

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