3 Ways To Help You Jazz Up Your Boring Sofa Effortlessly


3 Ways To Help You Jazz Up Your Boring Sofa Effortlessly

Picking the right sofa for your living room can be a stressful affair. After all, sofas are the centre of the living room. In fact, we have mentioned before that if you want to create a welcoming living room, you got to start the sofa and build the rest of the furniture options around it. 

There are so many designs, textures, colours, and sizes of sofas to choose from. However, the most popular and common choice many homeowners end up with is the classic neutrals, such as white, beige, and cream. They are significantly versatile, being able to match most design themes.

However, the thing with neutrals is that they do not stand out and can be rather boring. That does not mean going for bold, loud colours solves the issue. Bold colours can end up appearing chaotic or out of place when complementary furniture, such as coffee tables and console tables, does not match it. 

In this article, we have gathered three effortless ideas to help spruce up your “boring” sofa choice.

1. Accent side tables

Many have the misconception that designer furniture looks nice but is not functional. However, never underestimate the capabilities of a carefully chosen designer side table. Your plain sofa can help your accent designer side table stand out even further. In addition, you will probably want to have a place to place your cold beverage while you watch a movie on your screen. 

2. Putting up art pieces on the wall 

Plain sofas will not be as capable of gathering the attention of your guests. As such, one way to jazz it up and turn it into a statement piece is by putting up art pieces on the wall behind it. Whether it is art sculptures, prints, or paintings, art pieces are able to garner the attention of everybody who visits your home. Additionally, they are a great conversation starter. Finn Avenue has got a wide range of wall art sculptures and paintings that you can choose from. 

3. Colourful cushions

Who says plain sofas have to stay that way? You can introduce colours to it through carefully curated cushion choices. Cushions are ideal to help you add some life to your space, and you can easily change their look but changing their cover to suit the season or event that you are hosting in your home. Do not be afraid to mix different textures and colours, experimenting and challenging your creativity. 


The living room is a space where you entertain your family and friends the most. It is where your guests will get a feel of your home design. Hence, you will want to design and furnish it to reflect your personality and character. Hence, the importance of choosing the right sofa design. Even if you do not like designs that are bold and loud, you can still place significant importance on sofas through the surrounding features.

The three mentioned tips are just a scratch on the surface of how you can jazz up your “boring” sofa choice. Other ways to do so are the choice of lighting or the use of modern rugs. Nevertheless, no matter what kind of sofa you are going for, Finn Avenue has got some of the best selections in the market.

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