5 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting A Round Dining Table

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting A Round Dining Table

You spend most of the time connecting with your family in the dining room over meals and celebrating milestones. While rectangular designs have been a popular choice, round ones have begun to gain popularity. And if you have been using rectangular dining tables for a while, now might be the best time to upgrade your dining table to a round one.

In this post, we will round up (no pun intended) five reasons why you should get a round dining table.

1. Everyone gets to sit at the head of the table

A round table means that everybody essentially sits at the head of the table. Everybody is facing one another, allowing a more seamless way of having conversations without having to repeat the same joke multiple times. A round table is the optimal blend of function and form.

2. They are space savers

Homes in Singapore are getting smaller. Hence, in order to maximise the use of space, a round dining table is preferred over a rectangular dining table. There is less crowding and bumping when sitting down. Additionally, if you have chosen one with a pedestal base rather than one with four legs, it also means more legroom. 

3. They make your space appear softer 

Most home designs are full of sharp edges and corners. With a round dining table, the soft edges introduce curves into your home space. It also opens up the space for you and your guests to move around to their seats without knocking into things. It also looks more natural in homes with open-plan designs.

4. There opens up creativity 

There is just something about a round shape that allows designers to be more creative when it comes to the base and design of the table’s legs.

5. They look more modern

Rectangular dining tables are a little outdated in terms of design. Additionally, it can be a little too formal for the vibe you are going for your home. 

How to know if a round dining table best suits your space? 

There are several ways to know if a round table is more suited for your space. First, measure the exact space that you will be working with. Be sure to include surrounding “obstacles”, such as cabinets, cupboards, windows, and doors, if necessary. 

Once you know how much available you have, mark out the available space with masking tape. Walk around the edge of the marked zone to see if it is comfortable to move around without knocking into any of the surrounding furnishings. From there, you should get a clearer grasp of the shape and size of your dining table.

Lastly, do not forget about the space behind your dining chairs. All too often, homeowners forget that they have to pull their chairs back. For a general rule of thumb, you will need at least 2ft (60cm) between the wall of the edge of the table for a comfortable space. 

Once you have completed every measurement, you will have a better grasp of what size and shape of table you can get. In most cases, a round dining table will suit any given space. In fact, they might offer a better use of space. 


Round dining tables are the ideal home furniture for a modern home. Not only do they offer the same usable space as rectangular tables, but they also do away with awkward corners. If you want your dining space to feel more intimate yet casual, then investing in a round dining table should be at the top of your must-get furniture. 

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