4 Tips to Get You Started on Decorating a Room from Scratch


Whether you’re moving into your new home or looking to redo the look of your room, decorating the space can be pretty exciting and fun – yet overwhelming! It’s not uncommon to feel like you have no idea where to begin, and trying to get started with a blank slate can feel intimidating. With so many choices to make, we pulled together a few jump off points so you can take the step to decorate your room from scratch.

Assess the space

Before you start shopping for any furniture or accessories, take a look at your room and decide on a layout that works in your favour. In a small living room, you might need a two-seater couch to face each other and create a cosy retreat. Since space is limited, your choice of coffee table would need to be smaller in size with storage options, so you can hold or store away any knick-knacks and help the room from feeling crammed. For a small bedroom, you can opt for a small stool to go along with your vanity table set.

Once you have examined the layout, you can get your priorities right and make the room work for you when shopping for furniture. A contemporary style is often a good idea when working with smaller spaces – it is minimalist and offers a sleek look.

Get inspiration

Browse social media and online magazines to help inspire you and give your room some direction. You can adopt the interesting colour palette, layout design or just the general atmosphere it exudes, and use it as a point of reference. Opting for a statement piece can also inspire an entire room. For example, if you have fallen in love with a bold-coloured designer rug with striking patterns, emphasise those colours in the rest of your furniture choices. The result is a strong focus on a specific colour palette and the statement piece can stand out while complementing the rest of the décor in the room.

Pick your colours

Colours can have a huge impact on the way your room feels. Every colour has its own personality, so if you find a shade that evokes the feeling or mood you are after, explore it in your space. The style and your personal taste play a big part in the colours you choose. You can also go along with one or two bold colours, while everything in the room is kept neutral with minimal colour. But they don’t have to be boring – white, grey or beige can work together beautifully in different textures like leathers, linens, velvets and rustic wood.

Pay attention to lighting

Light doesn’t just illuminate the home, it also complements the interior décor. It is an essential ingredient when decorating a room – the right lighting can make you more relaxed and enliven the little things, from your morning routines to the private moments spent with loved ones. Depending on the room’s layout, accent lights can be used to highlight art and table lamps can be placed on the side table to add another layer of light. For extra ambience, candles are always a good choice. Look for a lamp with material choice and finish that is complementary to the surrounding space – this will illuminate that dark corner in your room while becoming a part of the overall room design.

Having matching rooms in the house is a design myth. Start decorating one room at a time and add a unifying element to all the rooms, be it a certain colour or a décor, so you can achieve a cohesive design style with a touch of your personality. Start your furniture shopping and decorating journey at Finn Avenue – we carry a wide array of console tables, dressers, designer rugs and more. Discuss your design ideas with our staff in our showroom to help you make the right choice for your home.

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