How to Think & Style Your Home Like an Interior Designer


Have you been on Pinterest and wish you could simply transport the perfect home design into your home? We all have been there! No fear, we have gathered 3 easy tips to help you achieve your inner designer dream.

Choosing the best designs for your interior space can be a tricky process and requires a quirky eye to make those professional decisions. From choices of furniture styles, textures of wallpaper, to color themes and home accessories, there are so many aspects to consider. All it takes is your personality, personality, personality!

1. Choose your own Personal Style

online furniture, luxury sofa, rug, armchair, console table

Pictured: Living room's Adaliz-II Sofa, 3-seater plus, Galatea White Marble Coffee Table by Finn Avenue


Think of your style as a theme and use that theme to connect one room’s aesthetic. How about giving your living room the Greek style symmetry design.

Your home should showcase your inner personality, so don't be afraid to put a stamp on it. Just like Albert Hadley, an American interior designer once say:

“Design is coming to grips with one's real lifestyle, one's real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one's well-being.” — Albert Hadley


2. Be Bold, Be Brave

Online furniture, luxury sofa, rug, cushions, pillows

Pictured: Living room's Earl of Chesterfield Sofa, 3-seater-plus, and Maverick Gold Hues Rug by Finn Avenue

Add unexpected pops of color and prints against simple backdrops. Making bold choices will allow you to think like a designer. Add a modern accented cushion to a dark neutral sofa that complements a traditional designer rug will act as a room's central showstopper. It will definitely be the center of attention in your living space.

It is important that your furniture not only fulfills your style needs but also adds to serve a purpose or function in the room. If you find a piece of furniture not serving your purpose, and is essentially taking up space, it might be time to get rid of it.


3. Accessorize to be you

The easiest way to create a designer look is to add personality using home accessories. From vases, trinket boxes, photo frames, or trays to store your TV remotes or your collection of travel gems. Add pieces that spark joy and make you smile. Let your personal collection brings out the inner "you". That is all it takes.

Browse online these cool decor to add a little bling to your home space. 

online decor, luxury decor, marble round tray

Pictured: Living room decor Zeus White Marbled Tray, Round by Finn Avenue. 


Ready, Set, Style!

While at the comfort of your home, shop at our online furniture store. Browse at clicks of a button for wide range and variety of luxury home furniture collections, to say the least, sofa, coffee tables, vanity tables, and home decor. With express delivery, you can now enjoy Finn Avenue furniture in no time at all.

While it’s hard to match the education and experience of a professional interior designer, using these tips will help you become more purposeful in styling your home. Let us motivate you by entering our online Styling Contest and win yourself some prizes!  #StylewithFinnAvenue


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