4 Tips To Combine Old And New Furniture For A Balanced Look


Balance and proportion are two crucial elements in interior design. They apply to the colour, shape, style and texture of your home’s décor. Combining modern furniture pieces with antiques is a unique way to achieve these design goals as they add contrast and depth to your home. It produces a room scheme that appears as though it has evolved over the years, stimulating a sense of nostalgia.

With modern pieces, they offer a more contemporary taste while vintage furniture isn’t short of character and intrigue. But most importantly, having a blend of both old and new creates a sense of balance.

To avoid having your décor look out of place, combining modern and antique pieces requires careful planning. As such, here are 4 essential tips to blend your old and new furniture.

1. Include a subtle vintage touch

Whether you’re decorating a new home or sprucing up your current style, a good way to start is by focusing on an area that’s almost fully modern. A few antique statement pieces can change the whole look of the room while still maintaining balance. For instance, you can add personality to a sleek, contemporary bedroom by adding rustic bedside tables. Using a small number of statement pieces doesn’t steal the modernity of the interior scheme, but instead creates harmony in the room.

2. Follow the 80/20 rule of decorating

To strike a balance between contemporary and vintage, the 80/20 rule is a simple yet effective guideline. The majority of your furniture will be modern pieces, while the remaining 20 percent will include vintage accents. Your vintage pieces don’t need to be large pieces – they can be featured in the form of small details instead. 

3. Decide on a colour palette

When mixing old and new elements that have unique individual features, there usually isn’t a need to have striking colours on the walls. As such, a neutral palette is often favoured as it directs the attention of your eyes to the different furniture in the room.

If you do choose to add a hint of colour, it’s best to go bold so that the colour doesn’t get lost in the sea of décor. It’s also crucial to unite the theme of the room and create a backdrop by picking the correct flooring. Hardwood floors match all colours, but you can also play around with other solid surfaces to give you the same effect.

4.    Layer with textiles

While old pieces give your space some character, too many of them can make the area seem cluttered. To fix this, combine them with smooth, silky textures. Layer cushions, rugs and throw pillows to give the area a softer look. Animal prints and Persian carpets provide an abundance of eye-catching contrast while earth-toned fabrics help to soften brightly-coloured furniture such as your coffee table. Introducing these details can lend a sense of timeless warmth and dimension to your space.


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