Are You Ready To Turn On Your Rest Mode?


Enjoy your weekdays and weekends off right with our new items

Going holiday and relaxing at the resort is not the only way you can have perfect rest. Ease into the days with our new items which begs you to relax. With the comfort feeling that you will have at home, this tool will be your favorite item in your house. 

There is not the slightest doubt for the comfortability, and also the other thing that stands out about this chair is the design. This simple yet gorgeous chair has a variety of designs and colors. This modern and elegant stools will make your place look more trendy and classy as well. 


Different Styles Of New Stools 

Pictured: Marq Key Gold Stool


Keeping up with the upcoming trend, luxurious furniture. Marq Gold Stool has Greek key design on the sides and exudes classic elegance design in cream velvet and black velvet. These classic gold stool is perfect for the living room centerpiece or a bedroom dresser chair! 

Pictured: Black round dresser stool 


The luxe hotelier's collection, Lancelot Grey Velvet Gold Stool is for a modern home design that lives off simplicity with a touch of gold. 

The luxe series - Mercier's classy gold stool ring encasing lustrous black velvet upholstery in a simple round magnificent stool. They suit modern home design and both are perfect for dressing chairs and living room centerpiece. 


Items Perfect For Your Rest Days


We do have these luxurious modern bench to bright up your living room and bed room interior design! An open, clean-lined gold frame will beautify your place look more modern and classic! 


Pictured: Kaarle Gold Lounge Armchair 


"Less is more" This gorgeous Kaarle Gold Lounge Armchair wooed our hearts and minds! 

Polished gold in stainless steel line the minimalism design with the art of geometry. Caressing lustrous velvet lines the body with relaxation. This swanky lounge armchair will light up your city apartment living room space with glamor and science.


All items are - 

✔️ All-purpose gold stool
✔️ Stainless steel
✔️ Polished glossy gold finish


Looking for more unique stools to decorate your house? Be sure to check out our Classic & Unique Gold Stools for more variety of stools to your liking. 


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