4 Tips To Decorate Different Rooms For A More Cohesive Look


One of the biggest mistakes homeowners is thinking about each of their rooms entirely separately. It's vital when considering your next decorating project that you take the time to carefully plan your room, ensuring it is cohesive and fits in with the rest of the rooms in your house. Failure to do this creates a living space that lacks flow and is uncomfortable to spend time in. This is especially crucial in current times where most people are staying put at home due to COVID-19 – you’d want a comfortable space to spend most of your day in.

Although thoughtful planning does take time, it doesn't have to be complicated. In the following article, we tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve a beautiful and cohesive look for your forever home.

1. Colour

One of the simplest and cost-efficient ways to connect each room in your house is to make effective use of colour. Now it doesn’t have to mean painting your entire home or room in one single shade, but it is a timeless and classy choice to bring the whole look of your home together. 

Using accent colours, such as vibrant reds and oranges, can really help to warm your place up and give it that homely feel, while not detracting too much from the monochromatic aesthetic. Using accessories such as rugs, fabrics or pillows in your signature colour can help to complement your existing furniture, like a 3 seater leather sofa, and install that cohesive feel around your home. 

If you do decide to paint your rooms in different colours, less is more. Using too many colours can achieve the exact opposite of what you want to achieve, instead, making your place feel disjointed. Try opting for the same colour in areas such as trims or window sills to help the rooms connect much better, even when using different colours.

2. Material

While colour is an excellent way to connect your home, being consistent with your use of materials is essential. If you are a huge fan of wooden textures, stick to this theme throughout for your side tables and cabinets. But if you are after a more contemporary feel, maybe stainless steel would work better for your needs. 

Be careful when using metals and think carefully about the colour of the room in which you are placing them. Silver and platinum work well with cooler colour schemes, while gold and brass work much better in warm-coloured rooms.

3. Flooring 

If you are working with a more compact space, using the same flooring in each room helps achieve a nice and consistent look and feel. If you are lucky to be living in a larger space, this rule might not necessarily apply.

Hardwood floorings throughout a home can help deliver a wonderful consistency. You may be worried ta single choice of flooring could leave your space feeling impersonal.  Adding small touches such as a rug or strategic layout of furniture can help ‘break up’ the room a bit more.

4. Style

It makes sense that if you want to achieve cohesiveness, the style of your rooms should remain consistent across the whole of your home. There shouldn’t be too much of a clash between the themes in different parts of the house – it can look messy, unorganised and visually unappealing.

If you really want to incorporate a number of styles in your home, try to do this in each room to sustain the overall flow. This way, one particular room won’t stand out completely. 

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