4 Common Decorating Mistakes That Homeowners Should Avoid


Decorating a house is always one of the things that make your home a livable place. The pleasing look of a well-organized room is certainly something you won’t trade for anything.

Decorating involves all the things that you like, from the colour selection to the choice of furniture – your home should look different and unique, as we all have our individual personalities and personal tastes. With that said, there are many mistakes that homeowners make that should be avoided in the interest of achieving the perfect interior. Here’s what to look out for.

1. Being strict with a design style

Having a dedicated design guide can help you during the decorating process, but it will also confine you to just one décor style that may feel rigid and uninspiring. Instead, create an eye-catching transitional mix of styles that will give you more freedom to work with.

Combine a mix of traditional and modern furnishings, with a diverse mix of eras in your home. You will have more flexibility in creating a design style that can have a cohesive effect in one room. For instance, classic lines can be juxtaposed with hues and fabrics that are more modern in spirit and give an unexpected sense of play.

2. Too much colour-matching

Everything in your space need not match. Your room can benefit from the extra pattern, colour and texture from other similar items. With a balanced mix of patterns and colours, your room can also gain some depth and dimension.

Instead of having two 2 seater sofa with the same colour and pattern, opt for one with a pattern and one that is solid coloured. For the latter, you can add some cushions and throw blankets to create an elegant, cosy palate. The use of different textures and colours can certainly pull a space together.

3. Picking an ill-fitting rug for the space

Choosing an area rug that is too small, especially in the center of a big room can make it look weak, awkward and underwhelming – it would probably be better to go without a rug altogether. While large area rugs can be a little pricey, you might still be able to work with a smaller option that is favourable for your budget.

If the rug has to be small, pull the front legs of your furniture up to your rug and leave the back two legs without. This can work for your coffee table or side table since they may be much smaller in size compared to sofas or TV consoles.

4. Failing to take measurements

Similarly, size matters when it comes to picking out furniture. A furniture that is too small can look highly unsuitable and throw off the scale of the room. You’d want to measure your space to ensure there is enough room for everything, including traffic to flow freely and move around the space.

This is especially a common decorating mistake to avoid when you are browsing in an online furniture shop for a new furniture order. While shopping, it’s crucial to be certain that it can fit, especially through the doorway or stairwell so getting the measurements right is key.

At Finn Avenue, you can chat with our friendly customer service team online to help in your furniture shopping experience. We provide product details including size, upholstery material and features so you’ll know what you’re getting. Whether you’re decorating for your living room or bedroom, you can find an expansive collection of furniture including 3 seater leather sofa, bedside table and dining chairs to furnish an impressive home design.

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