Is velvet sofa right for you?


The use of velvet is often linked to as a super luxurious yet a delicate material to care for. However, that is not even the half truth. Read on as we bust the myth of velvet and expose its practicality as a functional furniture material option.

Merits of Velvet

What draws the impression of opulent to velvet is in its unique lustrous sheen. It can make any simple or dull room looks occupied with radiance. 

Fitzgerald Gold Tufted Sofa, 3-seater-plus

Contrary to common belief, velvet is not as frail as it seems. With the right care and proper maintenance, it is not surprising that velvet can endure decades of wear.

Velvet being the only fabric that does not have any raised weaves or loose threads, is lesser prone to tears. This is great news for pet-owners!

Pet-friendly sofa

Maintenance Tip

To ensure that your velvet sofa is in prime condition, frequent up-keeping is required. Cleaning is made easier given that our velvet is produced with new technology, making it water and dirt resilient.

Velvet Sofa

Light dusting every week should do the trick to maintain the hygiene of your velvet sofa. For a thorough cleaning, use a vaccum with a specific upholstery attachment to avoid damaging the sheen of the velvet. 

To prevent the velvet from any spillage, it is recommended to apply a coat of repellent as a protectant. If you have unfortunately spilled on your velvet, immediately apply upholstery spray to prevent any staining. Remember to attend to the spill instantly as the stain is tricky to remove once dried. 

What are the best color options for velvet?

We'd say any color you can possibility imagine! In the past, velvet are mostly seen on deeper shades as a symbolism of poise. Today, velvet is made into shades of light, vibrant and even quirky colors.

Velvet Customisation

Turn to dark colours for that distinctive richness and a perfect backdrop for your cushions and surrounding furniture. 

Countess I of Chesterfield Sofa

Give vibrant velvet a go and you'll be surprised at how beautifully it can contrast with the neutral tones. Furthermore, you'll earn yourself a conversational piece.

Earl petite armchair

If you are a daring individual or just wants a furniture piece to stand out, choose light shades to add dimension and a pop of color. It is without a doubt that the velvet armchair or sofa will draw all eyes and attention. 

Rever Armchair

Clyde armchair

We hope that you have gained a better perception on velvet without having the fear to try this highly versatile and practical material. Transform your home with our luxurious velvet sofas and armchairs and get creative with our wide array of velvet colors. Shop away at Finn Avenue!


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