Top 3 Essentials to Create a Stylish Home Office


Top 3 Essentials to Create a Stylish Home Office

Working from home is now the new normal. Staying productive on a daily basis on the tasks at hand can be quite challenging – especially if you have a dull home office. You can make small changes that can transform your space from drab to fab! Try these top 3 essential Furniture and Home Accessories to create your very own stylish home office.


1. A Fabulous Work Desk and Chair

The last thing you want when you’re spending time working from home is to be uncomfortable, and dull. For a start, pick a table that is an accented, stylish or simply rare, and preferably with drawers to keep clutter out. Match it with an accent chair that is comfy and unique.

Browse online these tops design of console tables and chairs that speak volume. 

Black Luxury Console Table
Pictured: Thierry II 2-Drawer Console Table, Black & Gold
Black & White Striped Gold Accent Chair
Pictured: Arte Gala Vanity Armchair, Black & White Striped Gold Accent

2. An Ambient Table Lamp

Every workspace must be efficient, both during work and after. A versatile desk allows you to, when work is done, create an ambient and a subtle mood to relax. To take yourself off "#workfromhome mode", transform your work desk into a completely different home design and environment setting by a simple "click" of the table lamp switch.

Browse online these Ambient Table Lamp - for the world's quickest way to turn work off, and turn on your groove on for the rest of the evening.

Gold Table Lamp for Your Home Office
Pictured: Le Nouvel Gold Table Lamp

3. Add Clever Decor

To call your home office a ‘this is my space’ zone, decorate cleverly with smart decor that possess the functions you need. A really cool magnifying glass and letter opener calls for a vintage design outlook, while a black and gold hour glass works a tint of metallic into your stylish home office design.

Browse online these cool decor to warm the work space, and call it yours. Now, how about adding a set of gold chess bookends to stylishly keep your favorite books in place? And well, let them be a conversation starter when guests drop by?

Hour Glass for decorations on console table
Magnifying Glass as decorations on your console table
Gold Chess Piece Bookends as decorations on your console table

In Comfort, Style & $500 Styling Contest Prize

If you are inspired to create a stylish home office, let us reward you with your hard work. Choose luxury timeless home luxury collections of accent chairs, console tables, writing desks, and clever home decor from our online furniture shop, with express delivery. Style, snap and enter our Styling Contest and win some interesting prizes!

Now, you can finally work in comfort and in style. #StylewithFinnAvenue

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