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Living in a country like Singapore, we often struggle with looking for the right furniture of the right size that will perfectly fit right in our space-constraint living space. Regardless of where you live, be it a small apartment or a huge villa, know that there is beauty within a confined space as long as you use a furniture with a clever design. Furniture such as side tables and console tables are perfect for your homes as these items prove to be multi-functional in any home they are placed in.


Butler C-Shaped End Table, Gold

Butler C-Shaped End Table, Gold


Due to its transparent yet minimalist compact design, Butler C-Shaped End Table is the Perfect Alternative to bulky side tables. Made to conveniently slide under your sofa or bed, you can save space and yet enjoy the full benefits of a side table. Now, rest comfortably while u work on your laptop on a stylish yet clever tucked-in C End Table.


Butler C-Shaped End Table, Gold


The mirrored glass table top illuminates its surroundings with an extra diffusion of light. The lightweight frame allows for easy placement, easily movable into your bedroom as an over-the-bed breakfast in bed. 



Credit: Amalshajan 


Royce Round Coffee Table, Gold 

Making an impression with its gold glossy legs, it balances flawlessly with the glass table top as a modern grandeur. If you are looking for a perfectly-sized coffee table that does not obstruct your space and movement in the living room, Royce Coffee Table is the piece to go.  


Royce Round Coffee Table


Round and transparent, Royce Coffee Table is made with modern living lifestyle in mind. Its timeless design fits perfectly in limited living spaces yet plays up on the clever make, stylish aesthetics and multi-functionality of the table.


Royce Coffee Table

Pictured: Royce Round Coffee Table, Gold, Vis-a-vis-I Polished Gold Side Table, Tall


For those who desire bigger conversation starter coffee table, here is the super perfect combination that taggers two small coffee tables to give a vibrant design!

By doubling Royce coffee table with a taller side table (Vis-a-vis side table), the nesting effect creates a new field of dimension. A very trendy mix is gaining popularity right now. Don't stop there, throw in a few luxurious decor pieces (Shop Home Accessories here) to refine the posh factor!

The best part, you can easily move the end table in when you are hosting your guests or remove it for an even more spacious living space.


Expect an elevation in style with the addition of these two tables. Looking for more furniture made compact for tiny spaces? Make sure to check out our Classic & Unique Gold Stools.

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